From time to time you will see posts on my blog marked as AD. As per ASA guidelines this can mean a number of different things which is why I will also mark such posts as either GIFTED or SPONSORED. For clarity:

AD: I have received some sort of compensation in return for these posts-however all content will be written by me and I retain creative control over all my content.

GIFTED: I received compensation in the form of a gifted item which is featured in the post.

SPONSORED: I have received monetary compensation for creating this post.

You will also see the word AFFILIATE used in relation to some links featured throughout my posts. All affiliate links will be clearly marked in each post and there will be a disclaimer at the top of each post. Affiliate links are part of a program between a certain company and myself wherein each link has an embedded tracking code within it. This code helps to identify the source of a link and lets the company know when someone has purchased something through a link found in my post.
I use these links as a passive way to generate a small income from my non-sponsored posts-this can be anything from 1% to 12% of the price of the featured item. It costs you nothing extra to use these links and they work in exactly the same way as non-affiliate links, with the exception that I earn some money with every purchase completed from them.

If you are a brand that wishes to work with me please check out my Work With Me page.

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