My People

Everybody should have people, they make the world a better, brighter place. People pick you up when you feel like crap, they tell you that your butt looks big in that skirt, they laugh when you fall down, then help you up. They rush to your defence when someone takes the piss, then rips the shit out of you two minutes later because your new fringe really DOES look stupid! People are not just friends, people are family, people are my favourite. These are My People:

Damian: my husband, my perfect man (in his own opinion), provider of food and hugs, best take-care-of-me person EVER (except maybe mummy), sock breeder, and absolute saint. I Love me all of him!

Fiona is my person! The Cristina to my Meredith, the quiet to my loud, the organised to my scatty, the teacup to my champagne flute- the other half of me. My person, my friend, my El Nina ;-)

Jacob- the brainiest, most sarcastic, infuriating, bloody-minded motherfucker I have ever met- and I wouldn't change him for the world.

Zita- Resting Bitch Face's poster girl. I mean seriously this girl is one of my best friends and even I sometimes question whether she's gonna hug me or kill me! She is my favourite road trip companion and the best girlfriend the next guy has ever been lucky enough to hold on to!

Nico- Boyfriend of Zita, and my longest friend. This little bastard took me under his wing when I was way too young to be standing in the bar we met in! Over the years, he has become one of my favourite ever people, and I love the bones of him.

Michaela (Mitch)- an actual Earth Angel. Founder of the Angel Wings charity and support network. Angel Mum, soon to be Glamma! I can honestly say I wouldn't be the woman writing this blog today if it wasn't for this woman, and the women she looks after every single day. If anybody on this planet deserves a medal it is Michaela! What a Queen!

Honorable mentions:

Mummy- My biggest fan-and you know, just the best damn mum in the world. Gorgeous, generous beyond compare, and surprisingly cool- despite the tacky Christmas decoration obsession *love you really mum*.

Daddy- My favourite man ever! Handyman-provider of all the random things I sporadically decided I NEED- and selfless when it comes to his family- he;s my ultimate "gang up on mum" partner.

So there you have it, my people! The people I love with every beat of my heart, and the people I will talk about most often because they make up the biggest part of my life. Be nice to them :-).

Much Love
AJ xx

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