About Me

Hi hi!! I'm AJ (it stands for Amanda-Jaied-I prefer just AJ). I'm 30-something, and I live in Aberdeen City with my husband Damian, our Patterdoodle Lando, and a bitey little hamster called Bellatrix Molly. 

Our home is my happy place, filled to the brim with fluffy blankets, holiday mementos, and way more books than is natural for somewhere other than a library.

I've been a writer for as long as I can remember, and a blogger for as long as the word has had meaning. This particular blog started out as Love and Other Awesome Stuff in early 2014. In the beginning, it was my place to focus on the good in my life, when the bad was trying to take me over. It was a space to remind myself that despite everything that I had been through-or was still going through-I did have good things in my life too. Love and OAS got the unapologetic part of me, the fiercely feminist part of me, and the funny part of me that remembered how to smile. 

I loved writing on Love and OAS but over time I realised that it was missing something- the rest of me! All of Me! So I shut down, re-branded, and relaunched as AJ Loves in late 2017. 

AJ Loves has all of me- the good, the bad, the hard to read, the flippant, the so so important, the fun, and perhaps most importantly, the flare! 

I hope you can see all of me in this blog, and if you still want more of me come see me on Twitter.

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