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Monday, May 25, 2020

Question Time: Is there anything out there we can't personalise? Want personalised gift boxes? No worries. Want your face on a cake, a diamond painting, or a giant balloon? That we can do! I literally cannot think of a single gift we could buy that cannot be personalised in some way, but do you know what didn't enter my mind until I first saw it and subsequently had to have it? Personalised socks with my DOG'S face on them! 

I can't be the only dog mama that misses my dog when I'm at work? Petting other people's dogs (pre-corona) was the highlight of my day at work- because if you can't be with your own dog you might as well play with other people's right!? It is for this reason and this reason alone that when the team at Printsfield said: "we'll put your dog's face on some socks for you if you like?" I literally jumped at the offer.

Now I'm not gonna sugarcoat it here I was worried about the quality of these socks the whole time I was waiting for them to arrive- which turned out to actually be around 5 weeks, as they are dispatched from the US and this whole Covid-19 thing is hitting international deliveries hard! But when they arrived I was very pleasantly surprised.

My sock dog actually looks like my dog! The socks are soft and comfy, but they looked a little bigger than I would have hoped so Damian promptly tried to steal them from me-but the jokes on him because they are actually the perfect size for my size 4s. There's not really a whole lot you can say about socks is there? But honestly, these are so cute, and it makes me giggle every time I see little Lando's face (and tongue) staring back at me when I see them! 

Basically, if you are looking for a cute and quirky gift for a pet lover's birthday, or Father's Day etc then why not grab yourself a pair of doggo or kitty, we don't discriminate against pussy (cats) here, socks, or even boxers! 

The guys at PrintsField were kind enough to also give me an exclusive discount code ajloves20 which will nab you 20% off sitewide! 

Are you a pet lover that would love socks with your favourite fluffy pal on them? Do you know someone who would love personalised underwear with perhaps even YOUR face on them? Then head over and grab a pair!

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