What I've Been Binge Watching Lately

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Okay, so we're all "Bored in the house, In the house bored" right??  I've been on annual leave for what feels like a month at this point and until then this lockdown situation hadn't really affected me (as I was still going to work as normal) but having three weeks off allowed to me to fully give in to the little devil on my shoulder shouting "BINGE WATCH ALL THE THINGS!" 
I've already written about all the things I've been doing to keep me sane over the last few weeks which you can read here but I thought it would be fun to share all the things we've been rewatching whilst we're stuck inside. Now I could have used this time to discover new TV shows, and movies but honestly, when my anxiety is kicking my ass all I want to do is sit and watch something that I know like the back of my hand. It feels comforting to know what's going to happen next-almost like coming home. Which is why most of the things on this list can also be considered my old favourites. Without further ado, let's get in into the good stuff! 

The Vampire Diaries

Have you ever sat down and watched a series and then thought to yourself "Oh how I wish I could watch that again for the first time"? That's what it felt like rewatching the Vampire Diaries- the whole time Zita and I were watching we just kept looking at each other thinking "I don't remember this at all"! 
The Vampire Diaries is a show that I love but also not one that ever really made it into my Top Teen Shows (shoutout to One Tree Hill for being the BEST ever)- and on rewatching my opinion hasn't really changed. It is a wonderful show but by God is it confusing! If you've heard the expression Jumped the Shark before you'll know that it can be said constantly through all 8 seasons of The Vampire Diaries! But you know what it's still a great watch if you just stop trying to figure out how things work and just go along for the ride. Oh and for what it's worth Team Delena always and forever! 

The Bring It On franchise

Do you know just how many of these movies they actually made?? SIX FILMS and a stage production! That's a whole lot of cheer. Netflix have all but the first and last movie so if you fancy a binge they've made it super easy for you. We started with the original and best of course and then over two days worked our way up to the 5th movie Bring it On: Fight to the Finish. I'm not going to lie to you, these movies are terrible (except the first one obviously)-they do not hold up AT ALL! But with that in mind, they are still a great way to fill a few hours with some mindless, bouncy cheerleading filled fun. Can we also mention the fact that Gabrielle Union has not aged at all since Bring it On came out!! 

Center Stage 

The greatest dance movie ever made? I think so! I know that might be controversial to some but honestly name me a better one that is specifically about dance? I think Center Stage is my favourite because it actually shows the realities of being a dancer. The choreography is stunning, and all of the principal cast were actual dancers-now this might leave a lot to be desired when it comes to the actual acting talent amongst them but when the dancing is that glorious we can forgive some cringy line delivery, right? Warning-if you watch Center Stage you may spontaneously start walking on your toes, and trying to do pirouettes in your kitchen. 

The Originals

I'd never actually watched The Originals before but we figured if we were doing a Vampire Diaries rewatch it would be fun to watch it's spin-offs too (next up Legacies). We've just finished season 1 and so far I'm actually really enjoying it. It's a much more grown-up version of Vampire Diaries-the stakes feel higher, and the body count is much, much bloodier, what's not to love! 

10 Things I Hate About You

I'm not alone in thinking that this is one of the best teen rom-coms ever made right? From the dulcet tones of the dearly departed Heath Ledger, the sassy, scowly Kat played by Julia Stiles, and the incomparable Allison Janney in a scene-stealing turn as a horny, erotica writing guidance counsellor Ms Perky. I can watch this one over and over again, and never get bored. 

Get Over It 

Following on from one teen movie adapted from Shakespeare to another perhaps lesser-known one. Get Over it is the epitome of the time it was released (2001) which is why it sadly doesn't hold up as much as it's more successful compatriots-but you know what, I love it! A musical twist on A Midsummer's Night Dream-featuring within it a school production of A Midsummer Night's Dream-it can be somewhat cheesy and confusing but isn't that what we want from our easy watching movies? 

And Finally a new film! 

Knives Out

I honestly did not know what to expect from this movie-I'd obviously seen a lot of people talk about their theories about it but never really paid it much mind. Then we sat down to watch it and IT IS AMAZING!! If you can get over Daniel Craig's absolutely terrible attempt at a southern accent it really is a brilliant movie. I don't want to give anything away but you'll think you've figured it out but won't quite be able to actually figure everything out-I bloody loved it! 

Anyway that's what we've been bingeing during lockdown- up to but not including yesterday and today's Fast and the Furious marathons. 

Have you been watching old favourites whilst stuck indoors, or do you prefer finding new stories to watch when you're bored? 

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