How to Have the Best Bath this Year

Friday, February 02, 2018

It's been almost three months since we moved into our new flat, and the novelty of having an actual bathtub still has not worn off. If you follow my Instagram you will probably be sick of my bath time photo spam but honestly I'm not even sorry! I am having the time of my life shopping for all sorts of weird and wonderful things, that I can add to make bath time as fun as it was when Cindy tried to drown Barbie (I have no excuses for this) and I was small enough to pretend to swim in the tub.

unicorn dust, miss patisserie, bath, pink bath, bath bombs, honest vegan skincare

colourfest, Himalayan bath salts, detoxifying, muscle relaxation bath ball, bath bombs, pepper and vanilla
Lush bubble wand, magic bubble wand, unicorn dust, pink bath, bathtime

So far I have discovered that I love nothing better than a bright pink bath. Anything that smells like sweeties is right up my alley, and I'm basically just a giant child in an adult suit!

Westlab Dead Sea Salt, Unicorn Dust, Coffee Scrub, Let it snow, relaxation
Dead Sea Salts-Bath Slabs-Coffee Scrub

Magic Wand Bubble Bar from Lush, pink bath and bubbles
bubble bars
Think Pink, lush bath bomb, bright pink bath, let it snow, miss patiserrie
Think Pink
Of course the first thing I did when we found out we were getting to keep the bath in our new place was put "head to Lush" on my to do list-and then as luck would have it they only went and invited me to their bloggers only Christmas Launch event! It was fate I tell ya, and I left that night laden down with all sorts to try. Mostly I'm super happy with my Lush products although it can't be just me that thinks the bubbles from the bubble bars tend to disappear way too quickly?!

Let it snow, bath slab, crumble, bath bombs, bright pink bath, honest vegan skincare

My absolute favourite bath time discovery has to be the company Miss Patisserie! They are vegan and cruelty free, and their bath crumbles are my new obsession! I got a huge bag of their Unicorn Dust for Christmas and it is so good I just keep recommending it to people. It helps that every little nugget turns the water bright pink, and it smells like candy floss 😍. And of course because of the ever disappearing bubble bar bubbles I grabbed a huge bottle of Marshmallow Bubble Bath, because again it's pink and smells like sweets! I just can't help myself.

Imperial Leather, Marshmallow flavour, loads of bubbles, sweet scent

Love boat, lush, bath bomb, multicoloured bath, bubbles, cruelty free bath

Sex Bomb, Think Pink, Love Boat, Intergalactic, Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar, lush, cruelty free bath

Lush have now launched their Valentine's range and Love Boat makes the most beautiful rainbow colours, so I'm definitely going to have to stock up on some more when there's some more space in my bath time baskets. 

Bath Creamer, miss patisserie, chillax, blue bath creamer, merry xmas

Think Pink, Unicorn Bubble Bar, Intergalactic, Sex Bomb, Man on the Moon bubble bar, naked shower gel, honest vegan skincare, cruelty free bath products

As you can see, the best part of all these beautiful products is that they are outstandingly photogenic which has really improved my Instagram game, and what with all the relaxing baths I've been taking I've had much more energy to actually take those photos-so it's a win all round!

Do you have any favourite bath products that you think I should be trying? Come chat to me on Instagram or Twitter!

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