Winter Is Here!

Saturday, December 16, 2017

I know it goes without saying but, bloody hell it's a wee bit cold outside isn't it?! I don't know what the weather has been like where you are but in Aberdeen it is well and truly winter. The roads and pavements are basically ice rinks, and our gardens are covered in blankets of the white stuff (snow! don't be filthy minded). I'm struggling to adapt to this nonsense weather, and my thoughts turned to my furry friends (the hamsters Bella & Ginny) and all their outdoor pals. Everyday I'm checking if my girls have plenty of food, water and bedding, and that the temperature in the flat is warm enough so the poor things don't go in to hibernation. But what about all the animals that don't live in fancy cages, in their own room, with endless snacks, treats, and hugs from us?  That's where this great piece put together by Oeco Garden Rooms comes in handy! In it you'll see how to make your garden the perfect place for our wildlife pals this winter.

Hands up if you ever laid out plates of milk for hedgehogs when you were younger? I know I did but turns out that was the last thing we should be feeding the poor things!
I've taken a few pictures of the best bits of my mum's garden where our furry, feathered, or slimy friends can hide out and seek shelter this winter. I would have taken pictures of my own but it's honestly just ice out there and I really couldn't handle falling on my butt 100 times, for the sake of a picture! I'm going back to mum's for Christmas so I'll get some more and see if any local wildlife are making use of the facilities :-)!

Have you taken any steps to making your garden the perfect hideaway for wildlife this winter? Or are you hibernating yourself until it all goes away? Come chat to me on Twitter, or leave a comment below.

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