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Friday, July 14, 2017

I love a good Tag. Maybe it's because I'm a a total over-sharer and will jump at any excuse to answer questions about myself, or maybe it's because it's a great way to get to know other people!

The wonderful Danielle from Underland to Wonderland  tagged me in this one, and as it combines my two favourite things- movies and me- I couldn't wait to give it a go.

So without further ado let's take a trip through my life via the medium of movies :-D

1) First Steps: The first film you remember seeing as a kid?
Despite knowing it's not the first film I saw as a kid I cannot think of another answer other than The Swan Princess. It's the first film that really made an impact in my memory because seeing it was one of my best days. There used to be a cinema called The Canon in Aberdeen and I went to their Canon Club at the weekends. It was my first foray into collecting loyalty stamps-and you got your 5th movie going experience free...great childhood memories.

2) Teenage Crush: Which actor/actress did you have a crush on?
I mean come on surely we've all had crushes on more than one Actor/Actress! My FIRST crush on an actor was Patrick Swayze. God how I loved that man. To this day, I still get tingles watching his movies, although they are all tinged with a side of sadness. Fun fact: my ex bought me Patrick's autobiography after he died, and I still cannot get past the first chapter because I sob my heart out every time I try.

3) Bad Choices/Good Outcome: A movie you wanted to hate but actually enjoyed?
The Force Awakens. I know it's probably sacrilege to say I wanted to hate a Star Wars movie but I'm a Star Trek girl! I've never actually seen any of the original Star Wars movies if I'm honest (although I have promised D that I will watch them soon) so as a matter of principle I hadn't intended to enjoy The Force Awakens, but it's really good! And I'm kind of in love with Poe Dameron.

4) First Date: When you went on a first date, what movie did you see?
Hahaha not gonna lie I've been on A LOT of first dates, HOWEVER the only one that really matters is my first date with Damian. Luckily we did actually see a movie on our first official date and that movie was Moulin Rouge! Because we are a giant cliche our first official date was on Valentine's Day 2013, and our local cinema was doing a special valentine's showing of one of my all time favourite movies. Oh God now I want to watch it again, and again, and again.

5) Home Comforts: What movie reminds you of time with your family?
Bluebird of Happiness, Tom Thumb, and Thumbelina! We watched all three, all the time when I was younger. Taped off the telly, onto VHS, and watched over and over again they were absolute favourites for Mum, Cheryl and myself. My particular favourite was Bluebird of Happiness, but I'm sure Cheryl would probably choose Tom Thumb.

6) First Heartbreak: What movie really upset you, or affected you more than you expected?
About Time! This movie though! Honestly the day Netflix removed About Time, I almost rage cancelled my subscription. I was so late to the About Time party because I assumed it was just another soppy British romcom but OH MY GOD it is so much more than that! I laughed, I cried, I actual heavy sobbed at a couple of parts. I am the girl with the cold black heart but this movie melts it every time. Petition to get Netflix to bring it back!!

7) Leaving Home: What was the first movie you watched without your family?
There are so many ways to interpret this question! I believe the first movie I watched away from the family home was Dirty Dancing or it might have been Clueless. I watched both with my childhood best friend Michelle-at my first ever sleepover. The first movie I "watched" after moving out of the family home was Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, and by "watched" I mean my boyfriend put it on and I fell asleep *yawn*.

8) Good Times: What movie do you watch most, and why?
It's a toss up between Moana and Tangled. Why? Because they are both brilliant brilliant movies that Disney should be super proud of. Moana came out in November last year and instantly jumped into my Top 3 Favourite Disney movies, it is bloody amazing. I think I watch them both so much because the soundtracks are amazing, and I really love a good movie sing along when I'm trying to fall asleep.

9) Learn a new Language: What is your favourite non-English language movie?
HumTum. Channel 4 did this strange festival type thing where they showed random Indian movies every night for about a week at 3 in the morning. I am an insomniac so this was a very eye opening week for me. Hum Tum is fantastic, it's basically the Indian "When Harry Met Sally" but with dancing, and music, and weird animated bits a la Lizzie Maguire. Honestly I watched this movie 12 years ago and I still remember how enjoyable it was.

10) Can't Leave the Sofa: What series on TV got you hooked?
Um where do I begin? Do I go all the way back and remember my love for Sabrina the Teenage Witch? Or do I reminisce about sobbing my heart out when Prue died on Charmed? I could talk about the fact that I've watched 4 and a half seasons of Pretty Little Liars in the last 16 days, or that I binged every episode of Scream over the course of 4 nights. I bloody love TV, and by that I mean I bloody love Netflix (even after the About Time debacle).

11) Sick Day: What movie do you watch to cheer yourself up when you don't feel well?
Serendipity. What a wonderful movie this is. I'm not even going to get started on my love for John Cusack because Oh my sweet Lord I love him so much that if I get started I'll never stop and I'll just keep rambling about his gorgeousness!! Sorry got distracted 😍. Serendipity makes me so happy I kind of just sit there with a weird grin on my face whenever it's on.

12) Looking to The Future: What movies are you looking forward to seeing?
I still have not seen Wonder Woman and I'm so excited about that-despite my reservations about its somewhat problematic star. In the same sort of genre I am also super excited for the rumoured upcoming Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy movie! I just really hope they don't get Megan Fox to play Ivy!

13) If Only: What old movie would you like to see remade?
Literally none of them. Remakes do my absolute head in. My favourite old movies are classics, you wouldn't rewrite Wuthering Heights so why would you remake a classic movie!?

14) End of the Road: What 3 films do you think you will always enjoy watching?
This is probably the easiest question of all: Dirty Dancing is my all time favourite romance movie. Patrick Swayze is perfect, Jennifer Grey is fantastically naive (and she tweeted me once-I died) and the soundtrack is AMAZING. She's Like the Wind still gives me chills (NOT the 2017 version that was trash)!
The Shawshank Redemption for being the first movie that I went in expecting to be bored and came out wanting to watch it again immediately. Fantastic movie!
And finally, Labyrinth. How underrated is this movie?? Sure, it's creepy as hell, and the premise is super fucked up, and some of it makes next to no sense, BUT, David Bowie in spandex, juggling crystal balls and singing...if that's not enough to make you watch a movie over and over stay for the jokes about knockers, and iconic insults like "your mother is a frackin aardvark"!

Well that was fun! And now I just want to spend my weekend binge watching movies with D.
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