What I got for my 30th

Saturday, July 15, 2017

So you may have read my post about what I wore to my 30th birthday dinner, then again you may not have, and thus you should totally do that when you are finished here! If you did you will know I promised to do a follow up, What I Got kind of deal...GUYS I got a frigging LOT of stuff. Like I was genuinely stunned with the generosity and love I felt this year #sospoiled. I mean I've always been spoiled not gonna lie but it turns out turning 30 notches that up a level (lifehack). So what did I get??

From my Parents

Perfection folks! Utter perfection. My mum saw me talk about all of these things on Twitter, and promptly went out and bought me them for my birthday! How sweet is that?? The record is an original 1978 copy of The Kick Inside by Kate Bush. Shall I repeat that...AN ORIGINAL 1978 COPY!! It's in perfect condition too, not a scratch to be seen. I'm so excited to pop it on the record player, and flounce around to Wuthering Heights, barefoot. 

I collect Disney Showcase figurines BUT only Rapunzel and Aurora. Once they add my girl Moana to the lineup I'll add her in but for now these are my gals. These actual figures are Rapunzel from the Art Deco line, and Aurora as Briar Rose. I am so in love with the details on Briar's cloak and dress 😍 like I can't stop staring at her. The Rapunzel figure just screams 1920s to me and that's defo my second favourite decade so that's a win! Fun fact: Briar Rose has been my favourite Disney character for so long that I genuinely want to name one of my (hopefully) future daughters after her.

From Damian (my husband)

We have a rule in our house when it comes to birthday's and Christmas, it's The 4 Gift Rule. There are supposed to be budgetary stipulations and such but honestly we are both ridiculous cheats when it comes to the rule! The basic understanding though is this: 

Something you want
Something you need, 
Something to wear, 
and Something to read.

I love it, and it really helps when you're standing in the middle of the city centre trying to figure out where to go and what to buy. 

So I wanted Daisy Dream Kiss by Marc Jacobs because it's pretty as hell, and smells so good. Also I have a thing for pink perfume bottles. This bad boy is joining Ariana Grande's Sweet Like Candy, and Prada Candy on my dressing table. 
I needed the blue Instax Mini because I'm basic AF, and I have a corkboard on my wall screaming out for polaroidesque photos.
I'm really in to "American" sports, which is a shame for Damian because you can't just pop down to the local sports shop and pick up an Oakland Raiders (NFL) snapback (you CAN get them from Littlewoods online but they are so expensive over here) and you definitely can't get your hands easily on a Charlotte Hornets (basketball) jersey, so you can imagine how happy was to find out my something to wear this year was exactly that! Fun fact: I had a whole list of American sports stuff I wanted to pick up in Florida but NOPE this shit ain't easy to get anywhere!! 
My to read is Ice Cream for Breakfast by Laura Jane Williams but our local bookstore didn't have any in stock (sold out Laura you go girl!!) So i'm waiting until next payday for that one. 

The cake! I wanted the Ravenclaw crest but apparently that was too complicated for the artist (fair enough) so 4 days before my birthday I sat up trying to design something they could do and I came up with this bad boy. Ravenclaw colours (none of this Blue and Silver tripe from the movies), dark chocolate, and blue and butterscotch flavoured icing..so fricking yummy! 

From Fiona (my bestie)

So we've already talked about how much I love Sleeping Beauty-but there is something that really annoys me about the merchandising for her. WHY IS SHE ALWAYS IN THAT PINK DRESS THOUGH?? Watch the movie and tell me what colour dress she is wearing most? It's blue people, BLUE! Rumour has is that she is marketed in Pink because the blue was too similar to Cinderella's dress, and that is just ONE of the reasons Cinders is known as TBC* in our house. Anyway the beautiful and talented Tarnya from Sweet Allure Shop does these beautiful Disney Princess paintings and one day I tweeted her to ask if she'd do me a "custom" Aurora in blue instead of pink...minutes later my bestie popped up with a loud "NO she wont!". Turns out Fiona had ordered the exact same thing about an hour earlier 😂! She also got the delightful Jemma from Dorkface Shop to do me this awesome nameplate print with a few of my favourite things-how sweet and personal is that?!
On top of all that she got me the Zoella body spritz I've been lusting over for forever (it is the only one that Superdrug never put in the sale, so I didn't buy it on principal haha) and in true AJ style it's pretty and pink! AND this cute cosmetics case (because we can never have too many) which just makes me want a glass of wine every time I look at it!

From Zita and Nico (my ride or dies)

Who doesn't love the Merc with a Mouth!?!? I have fully embraced my geekdom in recent years and I'm starting to build a lovely little Comic Book/Graphic Novel collection, and a terribly huge Funko Pop collection, so these are perfect. Not to mention that the book is Deadpool Does Shakespeare which is definitely a collaboration I didn't know I needed until now! The Funko is one of the Mercs for Money that worked for/alongside Deadpool-if you don't know about Terror (or Shreck) you need to read about his character it's both gross and fantastic. This is the 41st Funko Pop to enter our collection...maybe I should do a post on them 🤔!

From Cheryl and Neil (my sister and her man)

Cheryl is crazy and I love her!! I'm going to have to do her section a little differently and not write too much because the mad woman only went and got me 30 things for my 30th!! Of course they weren't all huge presents (some were my favourite candy, skittle and drumsticks FYI) some were small, some were big, ALL are loved and so gratefully received! 

The Disney Stuff! There goes Aurora in her bloody pink Dress again lol!! I was desperate for this Tee AND this Sebastian coin purse but both weren't available when I went to our local Primark, so I was so buzzed when I found them in my birthday box. 

The big stuff! This Quidditch Ball set is one of those things every Harry Potter nutjob like me wants, but can never really justify buying for themselves. I honestly consider it every time I'm in Waterstones and now I have it!! Wine explains itself amiright? 

The stationery stuff! Well duh, would it be an AJ birthday box without some stationery? In yet another example of how well my little (big) sister knows me she bought me the matching set of pens to a set I'd bought maybe 2 weeks earlier! 

On top of everything else my beautiful sister also MADE the cutest Turtle out of buttons! Isn't he cute? I have decided to name his Sylvester. Also in the box but not pictured were Harry Potter wand  makeup brushes-which aren't in the photos because I'm too lazy to wash my first set so I used the new ones to get ready for my night out!! 

So yeah, see what I mean by spoiled!

I would just like to take a minute to point out that I understand how exceptionally lucky I am in this life, to be surrounded by beautiful, kind, and generous people- to receive so many wonderful things, and to have the luxury of celebrating my birthday however I like. So many people aren't so lucky and that makes me sad every day. In our area there is a Giving Tree at Christmas where lucky people like myself can buy a gift for children and teenagers who are less fortunate. I just wish there was something like that than ran all year round, so the less privileged in our society could experience the same sort of birthday joy I do. While there isn't a Birthday scheme though, why not think about giving any of your unwanted things to a local shelter or woman's refuge. I'm going to put the link for Shelter, and Cash for Kids down here so maybe we can spread a bit of my joy about.

Thanks for reading guys! And please please do share your thoughts in the comments/on twitter. What I really want to know is What is the best gift you ever received?

*That Bitch Cinderella 😉

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