My 30th Birthday Look

Saturday, July 08, 2017

I promised on Instagram I would do  a little post about my 30th birthday. A what I wore, what I did kind of thing so here we are. 

This year's soiree was quite a bit more subdued that previous years'-there were no costumes, no crazy themes, no 3 day benders in Newcastle. It was just me and my favourite people, having dinner in my favourite hotel, and drinking into the wee small hours, and it was fabulous! I loved it, and as a reformed party girl I think I might have been missing a trick all these years (who am I kidding I loved every minute of those too)! 

So what did I wear? 
Well my absolute favourite piece of my whole outfit was this last minute addition...isn't it gorgeous 😒

Yeah so I managed to totally bugger my arm the week leading up to my birthday so this beauty is my new accessory de jour! Luckily for my mood the outfit underneath this bad boy was so perfectly me.

 I spent about 20 minutes picking dresses to try on from the sale (ya girl's not made of money you know) rail at New Look only to spy this dream on the way to the fitting room. Honestly I don't think there is a single other item of clothing that sums "ME" up quite so perfectly. Annoyingly this one has actually been added to the sale since I bought it *sob* and can be yours for £24. Thankfully for my bank account the shoes were in the sale when I got em and they are actually surprisingly comfy. Damian picked them though so I can't take all the credit-they aren't online anymore but these are quite similar.

I know as a blogger I am supposed to document everything but I think I maybe took a maximum of 3 photos all night so I don't actually have one of me all dressed up :-/ but I did take this one in the dressing room when I bought it!

Time for Makeup:

I am totally obsessed with my Anastasia Beverley Hills palette that I picked up when we were in Florida so that is the base of every single makeup look I have done recently! If you've never heard of Manny Mua I highly recommend checking out his tutorial for these eyeshadows he's a genius, and even I can follow his videos. 

I love all of these products so much, so imagine my despair when half way through the night Fiona told me that Estee Edit were shutting and I wouldn't be able to get my beloved Flash Illuminator every again :-O! Apparently I don't like to make it easy for myself because my favourite lipsticks are only available from the US and customs charges are a bitch!! 
On birthday night I wore:
  • Urban Decay All Nighter in 1.0 (this stuff oxidises about 2 shades darker so shop down a shade or two), I actually like to mix in a touch of liquid highlighter with my foundation to give my face an all over light. 
  • Estee Edit Flash Illuminator
  • Sleek Soltice
  • Modern Renaissance: Golden Ochre mixed with Burnt Orange, Venetian Red, and Vermeer. 
  • Kylie Cosmetics Koko Collection 2 Shade Bunny with a dot of Sugar Plum gloss on centre of bottom lip. 

I was going to do a bit about what I got too but it turns out that I was spoiled this year, that I have enough to fill a whole other post! So stay tuned for that if you are into that sort of thing. 

I also absolutely promise that the next time I do my makeup, or wear this outfit I will make a concerted effort to take decent photographs for you all. Or at least take some before I'm drunk! 

What did you do on your last birthday? Did you know that W7 Cosmetics have come out with this amazing dupe for Modern Renaissance? Can anybody find me a replacement for my Estee Edit illuminator 😭?

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