My Perfect Glasses Experience

Friday, June 16, 2017

I have such a weird relationship with glasses. On the one hand I need them for reading and looking at computer screens, but on the other I see adequately well without them. Granted wearing them does reduce my book/screen related headaches BUT every pair I've ever had has given me headaches by pinching the side of my head (it's a fibro thing, I'm extra sensitive)- so you can see why I'd begrudge wearing them full time. And if I'm not going to wear them full time why on earth would I want to spend a small fortune on a pair? So, because I am my own worst enemy I didn't wear them, the headaches came and I my defence painkillers are a lot cheaper than glasses!
However I must now admit that I am a changed woman, and it's all thanks to the folks at Perfect Glasses.

At first I will admit I was pretty sceptical about buying glasses online, and with the prices being so low I was convinced I was going to receive a pair of shoddily put together glasses that looked nothing like the picture.

Walden Electra from Perfect Glasses

Well colour me pleasantly surprised because not only are the glasses sturdy, they are also comfortable, I can see perfectly through them (I ordered standard reading glasses but prescription sunglasses and sunglasses are readily available) and they look almost exactly like the image on the website! Because I am a terrible cliche I ordered a white marble pair, with a gold nose bar and when they arrived they were slightly on the grey marble side but honestly they are so pretty and I can read Harry Potter for the 9000th time, so I don't really care haha. 

The best thing about shopping with Perfect Glasses has to be the prices. With some pairs starting at just £9, and designer glasses like these Fendi bad boys going for just £173 (including prescriptions and coatings), even the cheapest shopper can find something to suit. My beautiful pair are called Walden Electra and came to a grand total of £29 and that's not too bloody shabby. They came in a protective case too so there's no penny pinching going on as far as I can see.

Fendi fabulousness

All in all I could not be happier with my first foray into online glasses shopping and have been telling everyone who asks just how great my experience has been. So if you're looking for new glasses, that don't cost the earth, from a company that could not be easier to work with, head over to Perfect Glasses. I'll be heading back as soon as I've recovered from the post Florida money chasm lol.

Disclaimer: This post contains sponsored content or PR samples. All thoughts and opinions are true and personal. 

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