Summer Makeup Trends 2017

It's been a while since I've done a beauty post but I have a couple planned for the next month or two so thought I'd get the beauty ball rolling with a look to the coming season.
Whilst Summer in Britain might actually only last a few days (and may actually already be over-down south anyway, it's not been nearly as hot in Scotland *sob*) it is one of the most inspirational times. Trends are everywhere, and with so many opportunities to show off a look it's a great time to try something new. 

I grew up watching my mum paint her face on every morning, same face every day, and it was classic, and it worked for her. But I think sometimes it's nice to mix it up a bit, so this summer instead of my usual beauty regime I'm going to try out every one of these trends...who's with me?

It's summer so of course we're leaning towards brights. This year we seem to have come over all 80s, and I love it! Nail technicians are seeing a rise in requests for neons which we all know go great with a summer tan (be it real or fake). What is new for Summer 2017 is the styles though- at lot of designers sent their models down the runway with negative space, or marble being the focal point of their nails. I'm one of those bloggers who loves a bit of marble as I'm sure most of us are, so why not ask your professional nail artist to create some marble magic using Mambo Beat and Banana Clips from the CND Shellac Collection from
Top Tip: HAVE FUN. Nails are such a great canvas to experiment on so grab the brightest brights and just play about with whatever takes your fancy this summer!

Marble nails, summer nails, nails, neon nails, summer trends 2017, trends
Neon Marble Nails. Photo Credit: Jenny Nagorski 
This summer it's all about the glow. Highlighter has been big news for a while now but this summer it's set to take centre stage. It's time to relax your contour, put down the bronzer and make your highlighting palette the star of the show. This look is all about being hydrated so try using things like coconut oil, face mists, and even lip balms to add some shine to your skin. 
Top Tip: add some liquid highlighter to your foundation and dab on with a damp beauty blender! 

dewy skin, dewy, summer trends 2017, summer, trends
Dewy Skin. Photo Credit: Clarins
Your face isn't the only thing calling out for some shine this summer. Lip gloss is set to make a comeback. After a few seasons of Matte Lipstick running the show (thanks in part to lipkits from a certain Jenner, and amazing drugstore products from Sleek) it's time to pick up the gloss again, and add a little moisture to your pout. I know what you're thinking though "ugh but lipgloss is so sticky!" well Bare Minerals have come to the rescue with their new Buttercream Glosses, all of the shine-none of the stickiness. 
Top Tip: feeling a bit more daring this summer? Try colour blocking your lips. A red on top and an orange on your bottom lip with a touch of gloss in the middle, will really make any look pop. 

lip gloss, lipgloss, street style, summer 2017, summer trends summer makeup
photo credit: Getty
Hands up if you just can't when it comes to lining your eyes? I am genuinely in awe of everybody with these perfect lines, and flicks, and cats eyes! When I try I always have to have micellar water, and 100 cotton buds on hand to fix my mistakes-and I almost never get both eyes looking anywhere near the same. Which is why I am so excited eye makeup is going a bit grungy this summer. It's all about the kohl and the smudge folks. All you need is a pencil and a finger and you too can nail this summer's biggest eye trend. 
Top Tip: draw a hashtag on the outer corner of your eye, then dab on some vaseline and smudge inwards-perfect addition to any smokey eye, or as a standalone look a la Balmain.

smudged liner, eyeliner, balmain, summer trends 2017

What are some makeup and beauty trends you predict will be big this summer? Are you like me and a bit reluctant to step away from the contour stick? Let me know in the comments OR on Twitter.

Happy Summer 😘

Disclaimer: This post contains collaborative content or PR samples. All thoughts and opinions are true and personal. 

My Perfect Glasses Experience

I have such a weird relationship with glasses. On the one hand I need them for reading and looking at computer screens, but on the other I see adequately well without them. Granted wearing them does reduce my book/screen related headaches BUT every pair I've ever had has given me headaches by pinching the side of my head (it's a fibro thing, I'm extra sensitive)- so you can see why I'd begrudge wearing them full time. And if I'm not going to wear them full time why on earth would I want to spend a small fortune on a pair? So, because I am my own worst enemy I didn't wear them, the headaches came and I my defence painkillers are a lot cheaper than glasses!
However I must now admit that I am a changed woman, and it's all thanks to the folks at Perfect Glasses.

At first I will admit I was pretty sceptical about buying glasses online, and with the prices being so low I was convinced I was going to receive a pair of shoddily put together glasses that looked nothing like the picture.

Walden Electra from Perfect Glasses
 Well colour me pleasantly surprised because not only are the glasses sturdy, they are also comfortable, I can see perfectly through them (I ordered standard reading glasses but prescription sunglasses and sunglasses are readily available) and they look almost exactly like the image on the website! Because I am a terrible cliche I ordered a white marble pair, with a gold nose bar and when they arrived they were slightly on the grey marble side but honestly they are so pretty and I can read Harry Potter for the 9000th time, so I don't really care haha. 

The best thing about shopping with Perfect Glasses has to be the prices. With some pairs starting at just £9, and designer glasses like these Fendi bad boys going for just £173 (including prescriptions and coatings), even the cheapest shopper can find something to suit. My beautiful pair are called Walden Electra and came to a grand total of £29 and that's not too bloody shabby. They came in a protective case too so there's no penny pinching going on as far as I can see.

Fendi fabulousness

All in all I could not be happier with my first foray into online glasses shopping and have been telling everyone who asks just how great my experience has been. So if you're looking for new glasses, that don't cost the earth, from a company that could not be easier to work with, head over to Perfect Glasses. I'll be heading back as soon as I've recovered from the post Florida money chasm lol.

Disclaimer: This post contains sponsored content or PR samples. All thoughts and opinions are true and personal. 

Vote Vote Vote!

Today we stand on the precipice of yet another chance to vote. Yet another chance to make our voices heard. Yet another opportunity for us to be disappointed, or elated.

I'll be honest with you- I'm a bit tired. I'm tired of all the arguing, I'm tired of the biggest voices not being used, or being used in the wrong way. I'm tired of the lies, The Daily Mail, The Sun, and if I'm being completely honest, I'm tired of being on the losing team!! 
I was so excited to vote in the Independence Referendum- then my heart broke when I realised we'd lost. 
I was so excited to vote in the EU Referendum- then my heart broke when I realised we'd lost.
I was also really excited to vote in the recent local council elections- not just because my friend was a candidate, but because our city needed a change. But then my heart broke all over again when I realised that we'd lost AGAIN!
I keep voting, and I keep having my heart broken BUT the most important part of that sentence is that I KEEP VOTING! In spite of every loss I keep traipsing along to that wee church (which is so much further away from my flat that it looks on the map 😂) and I keep placing my vote. 

Voting is the KEY to a better future-use it! (or this was last minute I had no relevant photos haha)

The right to vote is so important! The chance to have your say, the chance to make a difference- it's all right there in front of you and all you have to do is make an X in a box. That's literally all you have to do. It was less than 100 years ago that women were chaining themselves to railings, and throwing themselves in front of horses, so they could have a chance to vote. Less than 100 years later and somehow we take that right for granted! 

I've heard all the excuses of course:
  •  "I don't understand politics so I don't get involved."
  • "One person's vote isn't going to make a difference."
  • "It's not going to affect me anyway so why should I bother?"
The fact of the matter is , if you don't understand politics, enough to make a decision, it's time to educate yourself! I'm not asking you to go out and get a degree in politics, I'm not asking you to do anything that's particularly taxing at all. I'm saying talk to people, listen to the ones that DO understand politics, read manifestos, ask questions- get educated! 
"One person" is never just one person! There are probably 1000s of people thinking exactly the same thing, and let me tell you 1000 votes could be all the difference. Never think that you can't make a difference because you are just one person-bees are freaking tiny but without them we'd all be fucked! 
Now as for the last one...I want to say if you fall into this category then kindly take your "I'm alright Jack!" attitude and bibbidy bobbity back the fuck up off my page please take a second to think about how selfish that sounds- here I'll help:
"I'm alright none of this affects me so I don't mind if school children have to go without food at lunchtime."
"I'm alright so it doesn't matter to me that disabled people are having to crowdfund the very things they need to make their lives just bearable."
"I'm alright so why should I care about the fact that that lovely nurse that kept granny company, in her final moments, has to use a food bank to feed herself and her family?"

I could go on and on, but I wont. Instead I'll remind you that the world can turn on a dime- what is your normal today could change in an instant.
Between the last election and this one I have gone from being a perfectly "alright" healthy 20-something, to someone who attends the hospital a minimum of 8 times a month, takes around 22 pills a day, and can't wash her own hair, hold a pen, or walk to the end of her street without a considerable amount of pain. 
I was "alright" then but hundreds of thousands of people weren't, so I voted for them. Is it unfair of me to ask for the same common courtesy?

I don't intend to use this post to tell you who to vote for-only you can make that decision-although I think it's quite obvious who's box I wont be crossing when I get to the polls. I just want to remind you that it is so important to exercise your rights, please please don't waste your chance.

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