3 Years Since the First One

Friday, February 03, 2017

3 years old. 

3 years since I wrote the first one
3 years of sitting in  my little corner, typing out words on my laptop.
3 years of taking photos on my phone and trying to make them look semi-decent. 
3 years of fretting about not being good enough.
3 years of not caring, but really caring, but then not caring again- readers, stats, DA!
3 years of working with great brands.
3 years of meeting absolutely amazing people on social media- you guys make blogging for me!
3 years of channelling my energy into something I can be proud of.
3 years of learning, designing, coding (asking Fiona to code) and writing content I enjoy.
3 years of Love and Other Awesome Stuff.
3 years of me.

Thank you if you've been here from the start!
Thank you if you are just joining me!
Thank you if you came in somewhere in the middle.

I love you all, and I really do care!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS ON 3 YEARS! I didn't realise your blogiversary was so close to mine, mine was literally yesterday! We're almost blog twins :D Here's to 3 more years eh!

    Kirstie | Behind The Scent

  2. Aw thanks babes!! Omg how did we not know this? Happy Blog Birthday to you too. <3. Excited to see how much we both change over the next 3! Xx