No Regrets, They Don't Work

Saturday, February 04, 2017

Now and again as we wonder around this vast and amazing internet world, we stumble upon posts of pure excellence-like most things written by Fiona of The Escapologist's Daughter, or Tara of Cattitude and Co- and sometimes you click on a post that you are super excited to read and it let's you down in so many ways. 
I landed on one such post last week, and honestly what was a great idea for a post was let down by the sanctimonious tone. I felt like I'd just read a lecture about the dangers of sugar, alcohol and cigarettes- now don't get me wrong all these things are bad for you *obviously* but if I wanted to be judged I'd go see my Doctor, thank you very much! However, this post did give me one thing. It gave me an idea, it inspired me to think about the things I DON'T regret doing in my 20's...MUM you might want to stop reading here! (Also I apologise for the shocking quality of the pictures in this post, but they are old)!

1) Drinking Way Too Much: 
This story comes with the following disclaimer: To this day I STILL cannot drink Tequila. Now with that out of the way I welcome you to "The Night will ALL the Tequila"-oh what a night!
Fun fact when I was a little younger than I am now I had an amazing memory, I mean it's still pretty good, unless the Fibro Fog kicks in and then I forget my best friend's name, but not like it used to be, but because of this amazing memory I have the privilege/curse of remembering EVERYTHING no matter how drunk I get. "The Night of ALL the Tequila" is by far one of my favourite memories. 
Now I always remember the line that goes something like "Alcohol: because no great story ever started with someone eating a salad" and it's true! Without Tequila this night would have forever been known as "The Night of the Awkward New Boyfriend and Ex-boyfriend Meet for the First Time Experience"- horrendous! With tequila we partied with Noasis, danced together on bar tops, got on like old friends, the laughed ourselves silly when the big tough serviceman was defeated by a row of shots challenge, and was made to clean up his own "mess" by the not amused barmaid! 

Bonus: Alcohol got me loosened up enough to sing karaoke for the first time, and If I hadn't done that I never would have discovered I can sing! Take me to a karaoke bar after the next event, it'll be fun!

2) Staying Up All Night
Now who amongst us hasn't pulled an all-nighter? There are so many different versions of "staying up all night" for example there's: 
  • Can't Sleep, Don't Sleep
  • The "Let's Just Make This a Two Day Party"!!!
  • The "I Need to Finish this Essay by Tomorrow".
  • The "Oh My God We've Literally Sat and Talked All Night"!
  • The Stride of Pride (ain't no walk of shame on my watch) 
I've done every single one of these, and apart from a questionable hook up, with an even more questionable ex- I regret nothing!
Sure I may have been a little tired at the time, but none of these nights have negatively impacted me down the road. In fact one of them helped me finish my dissertation (and graduate both college, and uni). And one helped me fall in love with the man who became my husband. So I say a big fat YES to staying up all night. 

3) Dancing on Tables
What is it that makes dancing on tables so appealing, when you've had a few?? I mean seriously, when I'm sober I'd be the first to fret about the safety of it all. I'd be there holding the table steady, and lambasting you for being reckless! Pour half a bottle of Jack down my neck though and I'd have been up there faster than you could say "you'll break your neck!". And honestly unless you've fallen off one (thank you for catching me random O'Neills bouncer!) or fallen through one-thanks for having shoddy tables Yates'!- what is there to regret? Have fun before it's too bloody late!

4) Kissing Inappropriate People
I bloody love kissing!! And I'm damn good at it too. I had a lot of practice in my 20's (and teens if I'm honest) you see. Now it's important to note that some of the men and women I've kissed were in no way inappropriate, but by God were there some shocking choices made in between the good un's!
There were TWO former teachers ( I did tell you to stop reading ages ago, Mum!), FOUR football players- all from the same team. The wife of a DJ who was rude to me on more than one occasion, the DJ who charmed me by playing the Round the Twist theme tune, the DJ who gave me a coconut during a scavenger hunt, the DJ who...Oh my God this could go on forever! The point is that I remember almost all of them- including the girl who was genuinely afraid that our tongue bars were going to lock together (they didn't)- and I regret none of them! Girls just wanna have fun right!?!?!

and finally...

5) Eating All the Junk Food
If there is ever a better time to eat whatever you want it is when you are in your early 20's and your metabolism is on fire! I don;t know when it starts to slow down exactly but back in the day I was so tiny and I literally didn't deserve it. I was necking 20 nugget meals at least once a week-usually after a night in the bar drinking all the sugary cocktails and alcopops! I never went to the gym because um I had a ton of coursework to do, and friends to see, and well, if i'm honest- nuggets to eat. 
Do it while you can though because now all I have to do it look at a chocolate muffin and I gain 3lbs!
But i'm glad I didn't restrict myself when I was younger because then I wouldn't know that I am completely capable of eating a McMountainGangBang*.

God I miss being young and fit! Nowadays I go out, I get a bad back. My head starts pounding because more than two people are talking near me, and I can barely get onto my seat let alone a table! But I'll always have the memories from my early 20's, and what memories they are! 

Is there anything you do, OR don't regret from your younger years??

* A McMountainGangBang consists of two McChicken Sandwiches, filled with nuggets and fries, and layered together like a Big Mac. Oh and the remaining nuggets go on the side. Not surprisingly I have since quit eating at McDonald's! 


  1. This is such a lovely post (made even better by the Robbie reference in the title I must say). I may only be in my early twenties but I definitely think life is too short to have regrets and you might as well just get on with it! Looks like you've had some laughs over the years for sure!

  2. Aw this is a such a great post, thank you for boosting my ego all the time!