Boux-tiful Underwear for Boux-tiful People

Ladies I'm about to say something distressing but I want you to bear with me: 


I never thought I would write that sentence but in this case it's true! Men nailed the big "what underwear to wear?" question years ago! Men didn't faff about shoving cheese wire between their cheeks, or yanking it up so everyone knew they were walking around with a permanent wedgie. They didn't demand Brazilian cuts, tangas, high-rise, french, lo-cut, or "girl" shorts- they just went "boxers, yeah, grand, that'll do cheers!" and ladies they were right. All you need is boxers, but more specifically you need Boux Boxers from the folks at Boux Avenue. 

These pants are genuinely the comfiest, cutest, sassiest, everyday pants I've ever owned, so I, um...got them all!! Just look at the cuteness: 

Just look at them! I think my favourites are the "Never Let Someone Dull your Sparkle" ones. There are only a few styles left on the website because their Spring collection launches really soon (can you say super bloody excited?!?!). 
Oh and did I mention that Boux Boxers are generally 3 for £12 in store and online?? The three in the last photo above are still available so grab em before they're gone. 

I know this reads like I've been paid to say nice things but I genuinely just love this underwear. I live with a few conditions that mean that comfort is a very big deal to me, for example some fabrics can make my skin feel like it's actually on fire to the point that I have taken chunks out of myself trying to beat an itch. My central nervous system also doesn't understand pain properly so what might be a normal feeling where your underwear meets your skin, to me could feel like a constriction (even though they fit perfectly) so it's really important to me that my underwear is comfortable, doesn't pinch, and sits right so as not to aggravate my skin. Boux Boxers tick all of these boxes, in fact they are the only underwear I've worn in the last year that meets all these requirements, so yeah I love them!! 

Do you have a favourite underwear brand? Are you as in love with that damn cute penguin as I am (£2 in the sale btw)? Or are you sitting there wondering why I think you care about my pants?? Either way sound off in the comments as usual, or get me on Twitter :-). 



  1. These pants are really cute, I love Boux Avenue they're an amazing company!

    Lauren x http://www.huggled.co.uk/

  2. Omg, these are so ridiculously cute!! I've got a couple of pairs of girl boxers but they're too small for me :'( x
    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

  3. These look great. I haven't bought anything from Boux Avenue before x

  4. I like the sound of the don't let anyone dull your sparkle too :) x

  5. I am ridiculously in love with that penguin! These are just so darn cute and they look really comfy too. I've never heard of this brand before, but I will be checking them out because I am really tired of the style I have been wearing for years and I would love to finally have some that I love.

  6. I love, love, love these! I don't think I will go as far as saying men were right though - you know they will bring it up every time we are definitely right (and maybe wrong but won't let on) Haha! I had some boxer type knicker years ago and totally forgot all about them - they were the comfiest! I'm off to check out the website now!

  7. Oh no poor you, certain fabrics make my skin go rashy but inflamation sounds painful. They are so cute x

  8. These all look gorgeous. My daughters love girl boxers - they say they are so super comfy. Kaz x

  9. Aww I LOVE these! I love the 'Never Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle' ones the most too! It's such a good quote!

  10. Will it sound wrong when I mention that we wear the same knickers? Hope not! I love to be comfy and wear cotton undies while on the go. Comfort! Iga www.igaberry.com