Mastering the Magic of Christmas

Monday, December 12, 2016

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas (yeah I know, I need to stop slipping lyrics into my posts, whatever!) and that can only mean one thing- IT'S CHRISTMAS MOVIE TIME!!

When the folks at Panasonic prompted me to start thinking about what my favourite festive films were I decided to use their new campaign as inspiration- the new Ultra HD 4K TV Panasonic is said to master the magic of light, almost like looking through a window instead of at a screen- so I set to thinking about which Christmas movies really master the magic of Christmas for me. The ones that I'm going to curl up in front of this December, with the husband, a hundred blankets, and one eye on the window praying for snow.

So in no particular order, because honestly I change my mind about favourites every year, I give you...

elf- has anybody ever written a post about Christmas movies and NOT mentioned Will Ferrel's best ever character? I think I like ELF because it's Christmassy without being schmaltzy. It's clever, funny, good for kids as well as adults, and it gave us the term Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins which has to be my favourite way of telling Damian he's being annoying ever!! 4/5 Christmas Baubles
p.s. I'm pretty sure Elf made it onto the BBC Radio 1 Top 10 Christmas Movies ;-).

Home Alone 1 & 2- We'll gloss over the "neglectful parents" angle and just talk about how these movies epitomise Christmas! Family drama-check. Snow-check. Great soundtrack-check. The Rockafeller Centre Tree-check! Throw in a bucketload of slapstick comedy, and a scary but not actually "Guardian Angel" and you've got the stuff of dreams...oh John Hughes how the movie world misses you! 4/5 Christmas Baubles

Die Hard- There's a pretty accurate meme going around and it goes like this, "There are two types of people in this world. Those who think Die Hard is a Christmas Movie, and those who are wrong". And I think that says it all really. I got into a debate last year because someone listed Frozen as a Christmas movie but not Die Hard. I mean WTF?? Ugh. Anyway Die Hard is fantastic, I love it, we watch it every December without fail. Plus it was the movie that brought us Alan Rickman so it should appear on every good list about any type of movie for ever and ever. 5/5 Christmas Baubles
Fun Fact: in January 2017 BBC 2 Will be airing a Talking Pictures episode dedicated the late great Alan Rickman...don't miss it!

The Santa Clause- Excuse me while I geek out for a second but this movie's title tickles me so much! It's The Santa CLAUSE- like clause means contractual obligation or whatever! It's a double meaning and it just makes me so happy! Oh My God I'm such a Ravenclaw!! Anyhow The Santa Clause is great, and Christmas wouldn't be the same without it :-) 4.5/5 Christmas Baubles

Now because Christmas is all about family I asked my husband, and best friend for their favourite Christmas Movies so here are a couple of bonus movies to check out in 4k ;-)


  • Jingle All The Way- An Arnold Schwarzenegger movie about the struggle to get that "must have gift of the year"- I believe this year it's the Hatchimal-good luck parents. 
  • Bad Santa- Hands up, I have never seen this movie *eek*! However I intend to rectify when it airs on Sky Cinema Comedy on the 14th! Did you Know: Bill Murray was supposed to play Bad Santa but dropped out to do Lost in Translation!
  • Father Christmas- Now i'll admit I had no idea what she was talking about when she sent me this as an answer but then it came flooding back to me! It's Raymond Briggs, Santa goes on holiday, it's wonderful <3
  • The Snowman- Right, I'm not sure but I THINK Fiona might like Raymond Briggs *haha*. Who doesn't love The Snowman, it's such a lovely innocent story. I am reliably informed that both of these are airing on channel 4 on Christmas Eve. 
What are your favourite festive films? Did your favourite make my list? Am I missing some great Christmas movie that you just have to tell me about? You know the drill catch me on Twitter, Instagram or in the comments. 

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and Hope you have a Wonderful Christmas Time (here I go again with those damn lyrics ;-p) x

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Disclaimer: this post contains sponsored content but as always all views, choices, and words are my own. 

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