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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Do you know what I love about the internet? It's not the memes, or the gifs, or even the amazing people I have "met" through blogging and twitter, it's the ability to type in a few words and buy something designed or drawn or made with actual love! Something that somebody put together in their living room and are selling to make a living.

I love knowing that the art on my walls was created by that really bloody loud and really bloody lovely scouser with bright green/blue/purple (delete as applicable) hair. And that the money I spent on the 574639262th piece of Harry Potter merch I've bought this year went to a genuinely lovely artist who had the most amazing wedding.

You choosing to shop independent could mean that a struggling artist can heat their home this winter, it could mean that they can afford to go on that trip they've been planning-but you can be assured that no matter what, it will ALWAYS mean the world to each and every one of them.

I don't know about you but I would much rather give my money to that strange (in the best way) lass that makes me piss my pants laughing every other day, than the faceless CEO that takes a 60% cut of every sale and doesn't pay their taxes.

So please, please check out some of my favourite independent sellers:

 Jemma from Dorkface Blog is one of my  favourite illustrators ever! Her shop on Etsy is  always my first port of call when I want to  expand my desk area a little further, or stock up  on handy little stickers for my "not quite a bullet  journal" planner.
 The best thing about Jemma's store is that she is  just so creative that her shop has such a wide  range that there is likely something for  everyone, but at the same time her stuff is  instantly recognisable as hers.
 Someone handed me their business card at an  event and I knew straight away it was "a  Dorkface original"! I see big things for this girl-  get in before she gets all famous and stuff ;-).

Sweet Allure is the watercolour haven of the lovely Tarnya. If you love Harry Potter, Disney, or just
beautiful watercolours in general then Sweet Allure is the shop for you. Tarnya gives off the most wonderful vibe that you can really just imagine her sat in her wee studio covered in paint splatters, putting her all into each individual piece.

Woodpecker & Weasel is a great shop owned by Clare, who uses Oyster shells that she sources herself from her gorgeous home in Cornwall. This store has a great selection of soy wax candles that look and smell delicious <3, alongside handmade greetings cards and gift tags. My house is home to two of her candles and one of her gorgeous gold scallop shell ring dishes and I just adore them all.

Last but by no means least we have the absolutely fabulous Lace and Whimsy*-just look how cute that logo is! I did a shout out for fab illustrators on Twitter and literally everyone that responded included Kathy and her shop in their lists, how cool is that? I went on for a nosy and true to form instead of buying one print, I bought two and a packet of her stickers, and could've bought loads more if my bank balance had allowed. My personal favourite stickers are her period panties they are seriously the best idea ever, and look so much better in my planner than a silly little, boring old red dot! Between my mystery sticker pack and my Mermaid Against Misogyny print I absolutely have a new favourite feminist illustrator! Speaking of favourites I'm also really excited about Kathy's new referral program that she's starting in the new year-basically you guys will get 15% off every time you use my special code LOVEANDOAS15* and what's not to love about great content, at already great prices, for a little less <3.

photo taken and provided by Clare from Woodpecker & Weasel

Photo taken and provided by Clare from Woodpecker & Weasel

How cool are all of those!? It's such a nice feeling knowing that you are helping someone do what they love, which is why I'll continue to shop independent as much as possible.

Please do check out all of these great artists, and others on Etsy and NotontheHighStreet and be sure to let me know if you find any that you think i'll love. I would love to hear about your favourite independent sellers too, and hopefully find some new ones to make a new list in 2017 :-).

p.s. There are so many other indie sellers that I love but this post is already too long so sorry if you weren't mentioned this time, i'll get you next time I promise xx
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  1. Great post! It's so important to support independent sellers, love all of these :)