Keeping Warm this Winter- The Bedding and Curtain Edition

Saturday, November 26, 2016

I don't know about you guys but I am ALWAYS cold- winter, spring, summer or fall (autumn)- you can find me wrapped in blankets, duvets and the odd dressing gown. Of course it's always worse in winter so I started looking for ways to keep my gas bill down, and my temperature up....


These are they way forward people. IMHO you can never have too many, and because I'm in the middle of renovating my (our) bedroom, I thought what more reason do I need to do a wee wishlist/haul type thing! 

I set out to pick loads of different things from loads of different places, then I fell into a Yorkshire Linen, and John Lewis shaped hole and I just can't get out...

Can you tell I have a thing for blue and white, haha. It all just looks so cosy to me and sometimes that's half the battle. I think if things look warm, and comfy-cosy then your brain automatically starts to warm up...or I could be talking complete nonsense!!

One thing I know that isn't nonsense is that we (or at least I) always overlook curtains when someone asks "what do you use to stay warm?" but if you think about it having a room that retains heat is better for you and your wallet. I don't have curtains, but I am so in the mood for them!

Yorkshire linen have so many nice sets of cheap curtains and they are so well priced...the ones in the picture above are only £19.99 for a 46x54 inch pair WITH tiebacks.
I'll be honest after I chose these I found at least another two sets that I want so I guess I'm still curtainless until I can decide!

You might recognise the striped throw from my last wishlist- well I own it now and it is so good! It looks quite thin but it keeps me so warm when I throw it over me when the mercury dips a little (lottle) lower during the night.

And of course no bed is complete without a proper good duvet set, whilst I would kill for all white bedding a la pinterest I just don't have the time or inclination to be constantly washing bedclothes-seriously who does?? So I've chosen these blue bad boys from Yorkshire Linen (of course!) to go with my stripy blue throw, and my dream bedspread!- these stripy babies are sadly no longer available BUT the guys at Yorkshire Linen have added these beautiful oriental covers to there lineup and I'm in love!

I know you're thinking "duvets, throws, and bedspreads, AJ? Really? Isn't that a bit much?" But no, no it is not. Think about it this way- you are going out one morning, it's -2 degrees outside so you pop a jumper on over your t-shirt, and then a jacket, and some of you may even bang on a coat too (I'm all about shoulder-robing)-it's all about layers, in and out of the house.

I'm going to leave you with two things-1) a sneak peek of my current bed set-up (pre-this post makeover) and B) Top-Tip: for a little extra hug at bed time buy a size up when you purchase a duvet and duvet cover. There is nothing better than a Kingsize duvet draped over a double bed *ah bliss*.

Items in picture at the top can be found here:

Oriental Blue Duvet Cover-£19.99
Utah Vanilla Lined Curtains- £19.99
John Lewis Coastal Stripe Throw- £25.00
Annecy Bedspread Violet- £174.99 (I said dream for a reason haha)

What are you guys top tips for keeping warm in the colder months? Any exciting bedding brands you think I should check out? Would you be interested in a post on bed dressing or is it just me that finds that stuff interesting?? Let me know in the comments and remember to come chat on Twitter.
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Disclaimer: This post contains collaborated content but all items chosen, and views are as always completely my own.

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  1. Ooh, I'm a sucker for blue and white. Oh and grey! Throw a bit of grey in there and I'm a happy bunny. I've just bought a duvet set from Wayfair. It's blue, grey and white checked!!
    Holly ∣ Closingwinter