I'm going back to a wee favourite of mine today, and introducing you to some more of my Favourite Things. Last time it was albums (which you can read here) and this time I'm feeling a little lighthearted so it's time for my Top 7 Disney Movies!
I wasn't really sure whether I should do just Animated Classics, or a mixture of those and live action but I've decided on just the animated ones for now- because seriously If I had to choose a top 7 from every Disney movie ever made I'd probably have a breakdown!

So now we've established what I'm doing today here we go:


1) Tangled- I was so late to the Tangled party, like I watched Frozen before I watched Tangled :-o and to make up for that ridiculous oversight I have spent the time since making up for it! I once watched this movie 20+ times in ONE month- sometimes more than once a night!! I'm a sucker for anything Mandy Moore related (watch Saved and thank me later) so that kind of explains why I love it so much, but I honestly think that it's mostly because the characters are just brilliant. Eugene is flawed and you watch him grow, Mother Gothel is genuinely real world scary, and Pascal and Maximus are two of the best sidekicks EVER! 

2) Sleeping Beauty-

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