Not Another LipKit Review

I've been thinking about writing this post for a while but then all of a sudden it seemed like every blogger with a mouth and a penchant for expensive lipstick was doing a "Kylie Jenner LipKit Review" so I held off. But then I bought more, and then a couple, more, and then it was "oh a couple more wont hurt" and now I've somehow I've ended up with a collection!
So, no this isn't your typical LipKit review, this is more a "look at my collection" with an added opinion or two :-) Oh and photos of course!!

The first Lipkit I ever bought is fucking terrible! In fact it might actually be one of the worst lipsticks I've ever owned, and that includes the ones you got free with the Sabrina magazine. I'm sadly talking about Kourt K and it breaks my heart to say it but I'm nothing if not honest.

Fucking Terrible K

I mean look at the state of it! The liner looks like crayon, the lipstick itself starts to dry too quickly so you're left with patchy bits and none of it blends together to resemble anything like a decent lip! I was so disappointed and then I heard that they had fucked up the formula on the first run of Kourt K and now it's all awesome just like the rest! Bloody typical if you ask me.

That being said the rest of the shades I've purchased are fantastic! The liners are creamy, the liquid dries steadily and it doesn't feel drying. I'm going to shut up now and just show you each one and how they look against my skin-tone.

Such a good nude! Little bit darker than in the bottle but perfect alongside a fierce eye.
Candy K

My go to "WORK" nude

Koko K
My absolute favourite! A great pinky nude and the liner is perfect for lip contouring.
Posie K
Gorgeous coral/red. I think this is perfect for those not quite ready for a real red lip yet.
Finally I got my hands on the Birthday Edition Kyliner (I bloody love that word btw) in Dark Bronze and it's so sparkly. I'd never used a gel liner before but this stuff is so easy to use and so creamy that even I manage. I really wish it photographed on the face better but I tried at least.

So this post has been long, sorry about that! If you made it this far I have one last thing to say. If you are a makeup fan, and you love a good matte lip, but you are not buying these products because you think Kylie doesn't know what she's doing then you are doing yourself a disservice! I own around 17 mattes and the lipkits (with the exception of Kourt "fucking terrible" K) are the best by far! So do yourself a favour and run the customs charge gauntlet and grab yourself something in the next restock.

Have you tried any of Kylie's products? What are your favourites? And can anybody please teach me how to take lipstick swatch pictures without looking like a twat??

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  1. I tried to get them the first time it launched and couldn't check out, I gave up and instead got a lot of colourpop items instead lol x

  2. Oi, that Kourt K lip colour was baaaaaad. None of them are the most luxurious looking lipsticks I've ever seen, and I'm sure you applied them with as much expertise possible. But you know, that eyeliner in Dark Bronze is really lovely and it looks like it went on smoothly because its so perfect. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and critiques on this line.

  3. I've debated about trying to get a kylie lip kit for ages, the nude one looks like a great shade x

  4. I've been in two minds about the Kylie Lip Kits for a while now - I always see such mixed reviews! I love the Koko K shade. x

  5. I'm not much of a kylie lip kit fan her formulars are more or less the same as another american brand she just changes the colourings so I cant justify spending so much money on them its a shame the kourt k one looks that bad hope you got your money back! The other shades do look lovely though!

  6. No, just don't want to buy into the hype of the Kardashians, and they are expensive.

  7. I was starting to think that dark one looked great (in the bottle) but true that it does look really patchy. I have had that problem (but not that much) with my NYX matte lipstick. That's a shame.
    I think the Bourjois are brilliant for that. I'm very happy with mine.

    Mika |

  8. Wow! These look fab! The colours make your lips pop!

  9. I've been tempted to get these but they are always sold old. Koko K looks nice :)

  10. I like how you made it direct and clear review. I will only go for the Candy K with these choices. hehe

  11. The shades are pretty but I think too overpriced. Kylie cosmetics and colourpop are owned by the same company and colourpop have basically the same products for $5 so I always chose colourpop lol x

  12. I am just not sold on these at all, whilst I love makeup and a matte lip, I just dont get the hype x

  13. I have yet to try any of these products, not sure I will!

  14. I have been dying to try these out for a little while now, Koko K looks like my fav!

  15. i've not really kept up to date with her collection. i didnt know she released an eyeliner lol

  16. My friend has a couple of the lip kits and whenever I've tried them out I've been really underwhelmed, I really don't think they're worth the price tag!

  17. I keep seeing these everywhere, love the nude, just what I would wear.

  18. I have been hearing a lot of things about the Kylie products, but I am yet to try any yet.

  19. I can't really do matte's but they look good on you. I think this brand is more hype and less about the product really or perhaps I am just too old to get the fad!!


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