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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Guys, I am officially renovating!

I have had some awful landlords, but my current ones are actually the world's greatest!They are the kind that let you pay £100 a month less than the market value because you say you'll bring your own couch and bed, they are also the kind that let you hang all the art work you like, and then suddenly they become the kind that are alright with you building your own open air closet in their bedroom!! Basically my point here is that my landlords are the coolest and I'm completely overhauling my bedroom.

I'm obviously going to do a couple of posts once my closet and desk area are finished (just waiting on the walls to be painted) but for now I thought I'd throw together a little bedroom furnishing wishlist. HINT: I'm having a mad case of white, blue and silver-itis.

New Bedroom Wishlist

How good does this all look together? I can't wait to get the room finished so I can film/snap/insta story/ blog a little room tour :-)...oh and finally see my imagined dressing table area IRL!

Duvet cover

Blue throw pillow

Toile de Jouy Blue Oxford Pillowcase | Dunelm

Leave me a comment if you think I'm missing anything from my gorgeous bed-set!

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