A Rant About Regeneration

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As the title suggests this post is one of my world famous rants* so I might sound like I'm rambling for a bit BUT I promise you it is going somewhere, I do have a point, and it IS important! Okay, now we have that out of the way...

I don't know about you but I am sick to death of seeing the effect that the recession has had on our cities and towns! High streets that used to bustle, are reduced to long grey strips of concrete littered with bookies and poundshops, department stores that seemed like grand old dames watching the place crumble around them are now being sucked into the abyss, and in their place is another chain restaurant that probably wont last. Green Spaces- once home to day drinkers, sunbathers, couples in love, squealing children and yapping dogs, have become shady den of iniquities  strewn with needles and used condoms and the hopes of people that remember the good old days!

Not Another LipKit Review

I've been thinking about writing this post for a while but then all of a sudden it seemed like every blogger with a mouth and a penchant for expensive lipstick was doing a "Kylie Jenner LipKit Review" so I held off. But then I bought more, and then a couple, more, and then it was "oh a couple more wont hurt" and now I've somehow I've ended up with a collection!
So, no this isn't your typical LipKit review, this is more a "look at my collection" with an added opinion or two :-) Oh and photos of course!!

The One Where AJ is Allowed to Decorate!!

Guys, I am officially renovating!

I have had some awful landlords, but my current ones are actually the world's greatest!They are the kind that let you pay £100 a month less than the market value because you say you'll bring your own couch and bed, they are also the kind that let you hang all the art work you like, and then suddenly they become the kind that are alright with you building your own open air closet in their bedroom!! Basically my point here is that my landlords are the coolest and I'm completely overhauling my bedroom.

I'm obviously going to do a couple of posts once my closet and desk area are finished (just waiting on the walls to be painted) but for now I thought I'd throw together a little bedroom furnishing wishlist. HINT: I'm having a mad case of white, blue and silver-itis.

New Bedroom Wishlist

You Can't Top This

Right, so I remember a time where I hated getting mail! I'm sure I'm not alone in that, letters were either telling me I owed money, or telling me off for not being where I was supposed to be when I was supposed to be there! The mailman was feared, letters landing on the doormat brought only dread and then the internet took over the world and somehow suddenly mail was great again. Gifts were delivered by post, thank you cards arrived from people that still appreciate that great tradition, #bloggermail became a thing and then something beautiful happened-FOOD!! Food in the post, food to my door, food I didn't have to drag my sore sore body to the shops for! Food by post might be the best thing ever :-)!!

So here I am minding my own when the lovely people at CakeToppers ask me if I would like to try their cupcakes...who would say no to cupcakes?? Of course I said yes and the rest is gorgeous, tasty, moist, and expertly made history, look how pretty...

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