It's a Celebration

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Does anybody else ever sit and wonder where certain traditions and rituals originated from? Who celebrated the first birthday (Jesus?), what happened at parties before they wrote Happy Birthday? When did we start assigning materials to wedding anniversaries- seriously what is romantic about tin?? Why do we blow out candles, and for that matter who decided we celebrated with cake anyway?

Okay wait, no the cake thing I understand! Anyway these are the things that I think about all the time so as you can imagine I'm an absolute joy to live with :-). And even if you don't think so my husband clearly does because we just celebrated our two year anniversary!! It's cotton if you're interested, and no I still don't know why.

So yeah two years of marriage and it happened in the blink of an eye. I'm going to be brutally honest here when I say that in previous relationships 2 years felt like a bloody huge achievement, like I deserved a medal for getting through another year. But with Damian 2 years has literally just happened. It's been so easy, so perfect and so slushy that the only reason I can think of is that 2 years just doesn't seem like so much when you've decided on forever. And right now you're either thinking "aw how sweet" or " ew pass me the sick bucket" and I don't blame you. So in the interest of keeping the cynics here I'll shut up about all the lovey dovey stuff and just share how we marked 2 years.

Drumroll please...

We had cake!! Haha I know, I complained about not knowing why we have cake but I'm a hypocrite and I like cake so sue me. We usually go out for our anniversary but this year I was couch-bound after a concert the night before (Bryan Adams!!!!) so we decided to stay in and treat ourselves and the fact that we received a personalised cake IN THE POST from the beautiful people at BakerDays made staying in really fun.

I mean how bloody fine does that look! I was a little worried because well it had literally been posted to me but it arrived in perfect condition and was so moist and yummy, it really was the perfect anniversary dessert. I love cake but I sometimes have a love hate thing with icing but this was great and the printing was outstanding quality. I think my favourite thing is the fact that this is cake by post! We all love getting mail that isn't bills, I personally love mail that I can eat *shout out to everybody that slips sweets in when they are sending me presents and parcels* and that doesn't get much better than cake!

So after a "we really need to stop eating this stuff" takeaway, a lovely chilled glass of my favourite Rosé, and a slice of this yummy cake, I have to give Anniversary number 2 a huge thumbs up! So thanks to BakerDays for putting the icing on a great day (pun fully intended), and people if you have a celebration coming up check them out for cake BY POST!

In the meantime I'll be designing my Halloween cake, and trying to find out just why we celebrate with cake anyway.
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  1. Aw bless you, Happy Anniversary! Did you get anything cotton? haha I really want cake now though...

    Danielle xo

    1. Thanks sweetie! I did indeed lol. I actually got a Ravenclaw tank top so couldn't have been better :-). Sorry about that haha