Harry Birthday Potter- Part 1

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Harry Potter is 36 tomorrow!! 30-bloody-6. That means that next year we will have finally caught up with the epilogue of the story that captured a generation and refuses to let them go.

Harry Potter is not just a character in a book, or a movie. He means different things to different people, he means everything to some, and nothing to others. There really is no in between with Harry and his world, you are either really, really in and desperately sad you never received your Hogwarts Acceptance letter, or completely apathetic. Me, I'm really, really in. Which is why this weekend I am celebrating Mr Potter's 36th birthday in style- with not one but TWO Harry Potter themed posts- both written while I work my way through the movies, and flick through my pile of add-on books.

This first post is a tag post that Fiona from Wishes, Hopes & Dreams asked me to do, so here we go.

1. Favourite Book- This changes every time I re-read the series! If I had to choose one though it would probably be HP and the Goblet of Fire. I think the story had really found its feet in the first half of this book and it wasn't laden down with backstory and character introductions, it's just a clever, clever story!

2. Least Favourite Book- Now, this used to be the Prisoner of Azkaban but after reading, and re-reading I think it's actually Chamber of Secrets. I think the whole book is just overthinking itself, and the bit with Aragog and his ilk was just bloody unnecessary. This book also contained one of my least favourite characters, Gilderoy Lockhart, so that probably doesn't help.

3. Favourite Movie- Prisoner of Azkaban! The third movie doesn't miss as much of the story out as others IMHO, and this is the movie where Hermione punches Malfoy in the face! That alone gives it my number one spot!

4) Least Favourite Movie- Goblet of Fire! The book is so, so, so much better. The movie jumps from piece to piece, all the while missing out the greatest parts of the story. The world cup was reduced to 5 minutes of screen time, Ron and Harry's falling out wasn't shown to be as important as it really is, Dobby's heroics were missed out, and don't even get me started on everything we could of had from the Department of Mysteries!! Oh and WTF did they do to Dumbledore in this movie?? It was like he was just permanently angry. In the book he was caring, soft and Dumbledore-like in the movie he was an angry, shouty, rabid man...*shaking my damn head*.

5) Favourite Quote- Without a doubt "The lake froze solid and the Weasley twins were punished for bewitching several snowballs so that they followed Quirrell around, bouncing off the back of his turban"!!
This line was so inconsequential, and remained so until you got to the books climax and realise that the boys had literally spent a whole day smashing Voldemort in the face with frozen water balls!

6) Favourite Weasley- Molly! Mother Weasley is a straight up Goddess. She provides for her huge family with next to no money. She protects Harry and Hermione as if they were own without a seconds hesitation, and when the time calls for it she steps up and fights alongside everyone else. I will never forget the look on Bellatrix's face when she realises that mild mannered Molly Weasley is the one that finally gave her what she deserved. You don't mess with a mama like Molly Weasley.

7) Favourite Female Character- Luna Lovegood literally did not give a crap. She was weird, and floopy, and completely unique and even at the age of 14 she did not care what other people thought about her. She stood by her believes in the face of constant criticism, she stood up for a group of people who made no effort to hide the fact they thought she was a bit "loony", she'd seen death and helped Harry understand that she was there if he needed her. And she fought her arse off, all whilst wearing radishes (or Dirigible Plums) as earrings!

8) Favourite Villain- Bellatrix was a special kind of crazy and I love that! Lucius was cold, Voldemort was pure evil, Dolores was detestable but Bellatrix was actually unhinged. You never knew what she was going to do or say next, she loved Voldemort fiercely which was even scarier than her outward issues. And I mean she was smoking hot in the movies lol!

9) Favourite Male Character- Ron Weasley. I think Ron was the most real character. Like he was flawed, like really flawed. He showed courage, fear, jealousy, and fierce loyalty all throughout the series. He was a normal teenager, with extraordinary abilities- he didn't believe in himself, he always felt second best alongside his elder brothers or his famous best friend, but he always stood up and gave as good as he could when the time warranted it. Even when he left the group in Deathly Hallows it showed a human side to the character...like he was just a 17 year old boy scared for his family and himself.

10) Favourite Professor- Minerva McGonagall was a damn bad-ass! Strong, scary, and hella smart, I actually adore her. She's also the fairest of all the professors I think, she never favours her own students-well not to the same extent as Snape anyway, and she doles out punishment when its due regardless of who is due it. Also her speech in the last movie is fucking perfect!!

11) Least Favourite Character- Dolores Umbridge is a psycho hose beast from hell and I hate, hate, hate her! Expertly written though. Oh and bloody Rita Skeeter makes my skin crawl too.

12) Is There a Character you Felt Differently About in the Movies? Actually the movies really made me think twice about Dumbledore. In the books it's easy to overlook some of the darker sides of his personality (and in fact his hand in the story) but these are more apparent in the movies. He clearly cared for Harry but the movies made the point about him raising Harry to die so much harsher than the books did.

13) Is There a Movie You Preferred to the Book? -THE BOOK IS ALWAYS BETTER!

14) Richard Harris or Michael Gambon?- Michael Gambon but only because we got him as Dumbledore for so much longer, so he is the one that the movie fans really grew up with.

15) Top Thing (Person or Event) Missing from the Movie- S.P.E.W is without a doubt sorely missed from the movie. It highlighted an important allegory about slave labour, and showed us that some don't know how to be anything than what they have been told they are their whole lives. Hermione was genuinely trying to help the house elves but they didn't want her help-it's a strange dynamic.

16) If you Could Remake any of the Movies, Which Would it be and Why? Goblet of Fire for all the reasons stated in question 4.

17) Which House Did you Think You'd be in? I always thought I was a Gryffindor but only because all our heroes were in Gryffindor so why not me?

18) Which House are you Actually In? Ravenclaw, and do you know what, it actually makes perfect sense. I am smart, I enjoying learning-like I actually do it for fun- and I am a tad eccentric much like our head of house Professor Flitwick, and one of our must famous alums Luna Lovegood.

19) Which Class Would Be your Favourite? Probably Charms or Potions, or History of Magic, oh or Herbology...oh Jesus people I'm a Ravenclaw, it would clearly be ALL OF THEM!!

20) Is There any Aspect of the Books you Would Change? Absolutely not, even if I changed the tiniest bits that annoy me, they would no longer be the stories I fell in love with 16 years ago.

21) Favourite Marauder- Padfoot! Sirius was a best friend to James AND Lupin, he risked everything to watch over Harry, and when he says "Good Job James" in his final battle my little heart broke for him.

22) If you Could Bring One Character Back to Life Who Would it Be? I first thought
Fred because my God was that heartbreaking. But taking second to think about it I would bring Tonks back! She was so young, and she died with the man she loved, fighting for a better world but their poor son should not have had to lose both of his parents :-(.

23) Which Spell Would be Most Useful to Learn? Accio! I struggle with chronic pain and fatigue so it would be lovely to be able to bring my stuff to me without having to get out of a comfy position it took me 3 hours to find.

24) If you were on a Quidditch Team which Position Would you Play? Hahahahaha sports! Lol. Next,

25) Were you Happy With the Ending? Absolutely. I know it has its critics, but It was perfect for me.

Wow that was A LOT of questions!! I had fun though it's really nice to think about why you love a series so much. I'm not actually going to tag anyone but please feel free to do it and tag me on Twitter so I can read your answers!

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