Happy Birthday to the Boy Who Lived

Well as I said yesterday In Harry Birthday Potter-Part 1 it's Harry Potter's 36th Birthday TODAY!! I'ts been 25 years since an 11 year old Harry found out he was a Wizard and started on his journey to defeating the Dark Lord! Yesterday I shared the Harry Potter tag, told you all my favourites and ranted about the characters I hate. Today I'm going to share my new favourite Harry Potter themed thing!

Harry Birthday Potter- Part 1

Harry Potter is 36 tomorrow!! 30-bloody-6. That means that next year we will have finally caught up with the epilogue of the story that captured a generation and refuses to let them go.

Harry Potter is not just a character in a book, or a movie. He means different things to different people, he means everything to some, and nothing to others. There really is no in between with Harry and his world, you are either really, really in and desperately sad you never received your Hogwarts Acceptance letter, or completely apathetic. Me, I'm really, really in. Which is why this weekend I am celebrating Mr Potter's 36th birthday in style- with not one but TWO Harry Potter themed posts- both written while I work my way through the movies, and flick through my pile of add-on books.

This first post is a tag post that Fiona from Wishes, Hopes & Dreams asked me to do, so here we go.

29 Things that Make me Feel Proud

Bucket Lists are a huge business! Almost everyone I know has one, whether it's written down or just a mental plan for things to do, and "bucket list" has become part of our everyday vernacular. In fact, mine is here if you want to read it, but today I'm doing one with a twist.  

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