Boohoo and Sports Direct Holiday Haul

Monday, May 16, 2016

I can't quite believe it but It's suddenly less than a month until we fly out on our much needed holiday! Plus side to this is sun, sand, cocktails, and finally a chance to relax,  the downside is I am so underprepared. I have gained almost a stone since our last holiday and sadly that means none of my holiday wear even fits anymore :-(, I went shopping.

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Holiday Wardrobe
1. Golddigga Swimsuit- it is ridiculously hard to get a swimsuit on the high street that isn't missing half the material (shit when did I become 80?) and I'm really not in a weird tan line, bits hanging out kind of mood this year, so I was so glad when I found this one for just £8.50!! Get it here.

2. Boohoo Playsuit- I love a playsuit! It looks like a co-ord set but I don't have to keep tugging the top down over my stomach, it works like a skirt without the fear of pulling a Sharon Stone every time I move my legs, and it can be dressed up for day or night depending on your footwear situation. I got this one here

3. Firetrap Swimsuit- How beautiful is this? I love how it plays into my aesthetic so well, it's part hippy, flower child and part dark and broody. I'm sure I probably need more than 2 swimsuits for the whole week but I think I made a good start, and this one only cost £8 from Sports Direct. 

4. Paisley Playsuit- As I mentioned above I'm all about the hippy look and this playsuit is so gorgeous I couldn't turn it down. I love how it's got a high neck and a kind of pyjama vibe which is so hot right now, and the colour will look great IF I get a tan. *wishes extra hard. This one was £12.

5. Flippy Shorts- I figured I should probably have some shorts that weren't already attached to a matching top half so I searched for some of those cute flippy ones that don't ride up and make you uncomfortable...enter these babies, THEY HAVE ELEPHANTS ON THEM!! I think that was enough for me to buy them, to be honest! £8 at Boohoo

I can't wait for it all to arrive, mostly so I can start packing for Tenerife, but also kind of so I can Instagram the shiz out of it all *haha*. 

What have you been loving for holiday wear this season, and do you have any suggestions for good swimsuits on the high street? Come chat with me on Twitter, or as always leave a comment below- I do love replying to comments. 
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