The One Where I Tell you Where to Stick your Meme

I have many pet hates, so many in fact that one of my most popular posts is 17 Things that Really Piss Me Off, but one of my most rage inducing pet hates has to be people masquerading as open -minded when in actually they are just Judgy Mcjudgersons!!

There are so many examples that I would literally never be finished writing this post so I'm just going to focus on the one that pissed me off today, enough to write this post. 

I'm sure you've probably all seen the memes going around which basically tell people to be someone the creator believes is a better human than someone like the Kardashian's. 
Like this one...
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Boohoo and Sports Direct Holiday Haul

I can't quite believe it but It's suddenly less than a month until we fly out on our much needed holiday! Plus side to this is sun, sand, cocktails, and finally a chance to relax,  the downside is I am so underprepared. I have gained almost a stone since our last holiday and sadly that means none of my holiday wear even fits anymore :-(, I went shopping.

The Truth about Struggling to Conceive // TW: Infertility and Miscarriage

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I don't know if you know this but falling pregnant is not always as easy as sitcoms, the Daily Mail, and sex ed teachers will have you believe. Fun fact: my husband and I have been "trying" since around October 2013...less fun fact: still no baby. 
But this post isn't going to be one of those, woe is me pieces, I've decided it's time I wrote down every little thing that bothers me about struggling to conceive...also known as "Things you didn't know about the struggle of fertility". 

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