Raindrops on Roses

Monday, February 29, 2016

Please tell me you are singing My Favourite Things now?? If you aren't you are probably going to think I've lost it with regards to a few blog titles you'll be seeing in the future, if you are then we are probably going to be friends forever (just to warn you, I am hard to get rid of). Anyway...
Raindrops on Roses is a regular occurrence where I live, even when it's sunny it'll probably rain for about 10 minutes, just to remind you that you are in fact still in Aberdeen. Alas we are used to the rain so much so that I have my "Rainy Day Routine" down to perfection which if you haven't already guessed is what this post is all about!! So grab your favourite hot drink, and a cosy blanket and snuggle in to read what I get up to when it's cold and wet outside.
Obviously, the first thing you need is something cosy to wrap up in, whether that's a blanket, a slanket (please don't) or a robe whatever makes you feel all warm and snuggly, grab it and throw it on the couch. I used to have a window seat for such times but now my stupidly large 9 seater sofa takes up the prime real estate so :-( sadface. 

Anyway, next you wanna throw on your favourite cosy pajamas, sorry guys but this is no time for silky camisoles and shorts, this is grade A jersey pj time. My faves are a legging and top combo made of the softest material and featuring a freaking unicorn!! (Thanks MUM). 
Okay so we're dressed, the couch is dressed (kinda) now you have to grab yourself a large mug of something hot and steamy. I dream of massive mugs of hot chocolate topped with foam and mini marshmallows BUT I don't actually like hot drinks lol. I will drink a hot vimto if I'm ill and need some heat but most of the time it'll be a large glass of wine warming my bones :-). 
So where are we: 
  1. Cosy blanket-check
  2. Cosy pajamas-check
  3. Hot drink (or wine)-check
Right now here is where It gets a little more personal, everyone relaxes in different ways, these are my favourites...

Grab your pile of notebooks and put them within arms reach of your couch cocoon. Now, all my notebooks have a different use. from finance, and budgeting, to personal or blogging, hence the pile. I like to go through them all every now and again and what better time than on a rainy day. 

Next to my notebooks I like to have a little stack of magazines or books-right now I'm re-reading my absolute favourite Wuthering Heights, which I recently bought in a new soft leather binding *lush*, and something to eat like chocolate (who doesn't love a good bar of chocolate every now and again) or a big bowl of sweet and salty popcorn. 

Wow it takes a lot to get ready to relax, but don't worry we're almost there all that's left to do is light a scented candle, pump up your favourite Spotify playlist, smother your face in some thick moisturiser and finally jump into your little cocoon of happiness, 

Shh whisper the last part because I'm supposed to be an adult but I also like to add in hugs from my favourite stuffed toy-his name is Jonjo and he is beautiful.

Hope you've enjoyed my Rainy Day Routine, I would love to hear about how you spend your indoor days. As always leave me a comment or come speak to me on Twitter (I'm there come rain or shine).


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