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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Whenever anybody asks "what do you blog about?" I always automatically answer with the standard "oh you know a bit of everything really, but mostly fashion, beauty and lifestyle" and this is true it pretty much sums me up. Although I will admit that more often than not it's lifestyle that appears on these "pages" which is a shame because I do LOVE beauty and fashion just as much. It was this thought running through my head when I decided to write a post about my going out makeup. I generally don't wear makeup unless I'm going out for dinner or drinks, or the odd Friday at work when I'm feeling like a pick-me-up, and my husband takes great pleasure in pointing out just how much more makeup I wear now, than when we first met, and that is purely the fault of the blogging community!! I've been introduced to such amazing products over the last year and you'll see my favourites in this post. 
It's all about that base! Turns out it's not just an awful judgy song masquerading as a body positive is, in fact, an important mantra when doing your makeup. It's taken me years to get it right but these products give me the ultimate canvas for my makeup looks. 

Dermatique- Recuperating Cream (miracle product that I reviewed here)
Benefit- "That Gal"-Brightening Face Primer
Collection- Illuminating Touch-Brightening Concealer
ELF Cosmetics- Tone Correcting Concealer
Bare Minerals- Complexion Rescue- Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream in Opal 01
Freedom- Pro-Contour Shaped Stick
Rimmel- Natural Bronzer in Sun Glow 025
Stila- Illuminating Powder in 40 Watts
Benefit- High Beam- Luminescent Complexion Enhancer
Who knew brows would become the most important thing ever! 2015 saw the rise of the Delevigne brow and I for one was bloody grateful. Personally, I've been rocking a bushy brow since I was knee high to a grasshopper (they are in fact a family trait)- I loved it when Brooke Shields originally made them a "thing", I tried my best when all of a sudden body hair of any kind was the enemy and we waxed, plucked and threaded any natural shape out of them, and here we are again where suddenly I'm uber-fashionable again and I don't have to drop £12 every month to allow someone to wax my face! Woohoo!!

Makeup Revolution- Focus & Fix- Eyebrow Shaping Kit (great for on the go but I mostly just use the tweezers if I have everything else with me)
Maybelline- Brow Satin- Brow Pencil in Dark Brown
Urban Decay- Naked Basics- Eyeshadow in Faint
L'Oreal-Brow Artist Plumper- Clear Shaping Gel
I'm a huge advocate of natural eye makeup, don't get me wrong I would totally love to carry off all these BIG makeup looks that some of you beautiful people are rocking but I think my face is too small and too much makeup overpowers my face. I prefer to just make what's underneath look slightly better than normal. 

Makeup Revolution-Iconic Pro Palette- Shades: Paper, Chase, and New Day.
Rimmel- Soft Kohl- Eyeliner in Jet Black 061
Dior- Diorshow Blackout- Waterproof Mascara
Max Factor- False Lash Effect- Mascara

Now my lips are ridiculously dry because of this stupid cold weather so whilst I would normally be rocking a punchy/vampy deep purple or bright red lippy, I have been resigned to a much more natural look for this at the moment too. That being said the brands don't change just the colours so this is still pretty accurate. 

Carmex-Moisturising Lip Balm- Strawberry (now I'm kind of allergic to this but it's so good I can't stop using it lol)
MAC- Pro Longwear Lip Pencil in Nice "n" Spicy
Bare Minerals- Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Spark Plug
Clinique- Chubby Stick in Super Strawberry 07
Bare Minerals- Marvelous Moxie in Hypnotist

As you can probably tell there is a lot of layering that goes on when I do my lips *haha*

ANYWAY!! I know you are all probably thinking "holy cow AJ that's a shit ton of makeup!" but I promise it is all needed and it doesn't look that much when it's done, in fact, see for yourself...

Hope this hasn't been too boring for you. Would love to hear if there are any products out there you guys think I would love. As always either leave me a comment or come chat with me on Twitter. 


  1. I love Benefit High Beam...I don't find it works that well on it's own as a highlighter as it's pretty sheer but I use it as a little extra on top of my highlighter. I also use it under my brows as I find it works well to highlight them. Great post :) xx

    1. That's exactly how I use it! It gives that extra little punch at the end. Somebody suggested the eyebrow thing in a post I read their other day (was it you?) and I can't wait to try it. Thanks for stopping by :-). Xx

  2. I do agree - when it comes to make up it really is all about the bass! Love your brows too, you really rock the bushy look :)
    Megan x

    1. Aw thanks babes! I'm just dreading the day they go back out of style lol. Nice of you to comment I appreciate it :-) xx