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Hi dolls,

I have 3 different notebooks lying around me right now, all 3 have lists, ideas, first drafts, second drafts, and scribbles all over them. All 3 are my blog post notebooks and not one has a finished post inside!
At the start of December, I relaunched and I was finally happy with my design and layout (and I still am, I really totally do love it) I had so many plans, and I couldn't wait to get writing and publishing, but every single time I sat down to write I failed to finish a single fucking paragraph!!!


In a stunning twist, it's not even that old cow Writer's Block that is stopping me. Nope, this time, it's this new bitch in town- Anxiety!

I know, I know, "Anxiety" is a word bandied about the Twittersphere like a badge of honour nowadays- but bitches be crazy if they think it's some cool new accessory. Anxiety can't be taken off and put on a shelf next to your marble vinyl paper and blog props, until the next time you want to be "just like Zoella"! I could tell you what anxiety actually is BUT it's different for everyone, and everybody has a different way of explaining it to others- here is my way...

Things My Anxiety has told Me This Year

 (in this scenario my anxiety is a skinny blonde bitch, that looks a little like my school bully)

  • Bitch do you really think you're funny? Chlamydia gets more laughs!
  • Why bother writing it? Literally nobody gives a shit! 
  • Your friends legit think you are a total bitch-say nice things to keep them around- for now!
  • Why would Damian love you? You are a mean, narky, temperamental cow!
  • Oh, and BTW you should not be wearing those jeans...can you say thunder thighs? Fat bitch!
  • Yup, that guy is definitely going to kill you. He's not really heading to work, he's got a cellar where he's going to chop you up into little pieces. 
  • Seriously EVERYBODY is looking at you- I bet it's because of that ugly scar on your nose- that guy (on the other side of the road) he sees it and he is disgusted.
  • You know you're getting old right? 
  • You're NEVER going to be a mum.
  • You'd be a shit mum anyway!
  • Although you couldn't be any worse than you are at being a wife.
  • This lift is going to break down, nobody is going to care enough to look for you, you are going to have a panic attack and die in this metal and glass coffin.
  • Just stop trying- it's pathetic.
  • Why would they promote you?
  • That person behind you IS going to kidnap you- for real.
  • Nobody is going to pay the ransom.
  • You looked shit on your wedding day.
  • You look shit today too, and tomorrow probably.
  • Your husband is repulsed by your skin and scars.
  • He legit doesn't find you attractive.
  • If you eat that you WILL choke and die.
  • That pain IS a heart attack- you are going to die right here.
  • You're going to get sacked any day now because you're shit at your job as well as everything else.
  • If you go to sleep I'm going to give you that nightmare again.
  • If you go to sleep I'm going to make you miss your alarm. miss work, and lose your job.
  • If you go to sleep you are NEVER going to wake up.
  • He sleeps better without you there anyway.
  • It's cancer/fibromyalgia//MS/other horrible illness
  • You think you've got style? You look like a hippo that shops in trash cans.
  • Why bother moving today.
  • Why bother blogging? Shut it all down.
  • Why bother doing anything?
I could go on and on but this is already longer than I planned so I'll stop here with the things anxiety has told me this month. I know most of these things seem irrational (except maybe the not being funny thing) but in the moment I believe them all, and that is why I've decided 2016 is going to be the year that I defeat this stupid blonde bitch!- Wish me luck!!

Thanks for reading, and please have a gentle new year.

Much Love

OOMD- Outfit of My Dreams

Hi Babes!

I've never done a wish list post like this before, but now I've discovered Polyvore I can guarantee this won't be my last!! 

The below started out as just the trainers (must have btw) and evolved into my perfect late winter/early spring outfit...which is lucky because it's going to take me that long to save up to buy everything!!

Anyhow enough of my chatter, see below for where to get your hands on all the pretty things.

1.Adidas Originals Stan Smiths 
7. Bobble Hat for Alder Hey Hospital- sadly no longer available :-(

Right now I've put this on the internet for the world to see, I HAVE to save up and buy it all, or face the wrath of the internet Gods! Hopefully this will all pop up in OOTD posts super soon. 

Have you guy got any wish list posts you wanna share?

Much Love

The Love and OAS Blogroll

Thank you for checking out the LoveandOAS blogroll. Basically here you will find links to all the blogs I read regularly. All of these are written by people I genuinely love - all of them are piss your pants funny, adept at spinning a good yarn, whip smart, horrendously talented, and just the nicest people. So if they sound like the kind of people you like to read about then check em out :-)...


Vloggers!! I don't watch Youtube all that often because headaches are chronic and laptop lights are hell BUT when I can handle it these are the babes I'm watching:
Go, watch, smile, enjoy!!

I'm Baaaaaack!!

Well Hello there!!

Whether you are a regular reader who is excited to have a look at the newly relaunched site, or a new reader who was drawn in by all my chatter about redesigning on Twitter, welcome to Love and Other Awesome Stuff!!

I'm sure some of you had noticed that I hadn't posted in some time and that is because I'd fallen out of love with what I was doing. I let myself get taken in by what I thought I had to write to get people interested in what I had to say. I took a break to remind myself why I started blogging, and to think about what I REALLY wanted to share with the world, and thank God I finally sat back down in front of my computer, and was able to write something I wasn't disappointed with.

I got my mojo back, but there was no point in bringing out new and improved content, onto the same old, tired design, so voila...Love and OAS 2.0 is born. I really do hope you like it, and remember to scroll down and check out my advertisers, and a few little sidebar additions that might make you smile :-).

This new incarnation is going to be a lot more Lifestyle focused- it will feature rants, likes, dislikes, Love Sharing, reviews, memories, juicy insights into my ever so exciting (I jest of course) life. I will still have some beauty and fashion of course because I love those things and they do feature in my day to day life. Above all this will be a place of positivity, and place that makes you laugh, smile, and nod along in agreement, or even that encourages you to form an opinion of your own and have a lively debate with me.

Love and Other Awesome Stuff is proud to be a member of The Girl Gang which is just an amazing group of wonderful bloggers who endeavour to spread love and friendship all around- I hope to uphold those values through my content, and my interactions with you guys.

Lastly, I LOVE making new friends so please come over and say hi on Twitter!!

Can't wait to share all my new content with you guys, and thanks for popping by.

Much Love

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