We Love...#6 // March Loves // Bumper Edition

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Woohoo!! It appears it is time for another installment of We Love...! This edition will bring you what I was loving in March. what Fiona -from Wishes, Hopes and Dreams- was loving in March, AND what my dear husband Damian was loving in March! Bumper Edition indeed!!

Right first up My loves...

I loved...Tulips!! I am so happy these are in season! Obviously I know I can get them most of the year because of science and all that but I think there is nothing better than having the flower of the season, in my home. Tulips are fast becoming one of my favourite flowers because they last so much longer than roses, and they only look better as they open.

I also loved...Unicorns!! I can't believe it's taken me so long to decide that Unicorns are just the coolest. I mean I live in Scotland, where our National animal is a Unicorn, I should have jumped on this bandwagon long ago, but hey I'm here now- and it ooks like the high street has arrived at the same time! I have gone from having no unicorn themed items to having THREE tops, and other paraphenalia! Let's have a look...

Okay this one I drew but, YAY Unicorns! 

I'll share all the tops I bought in different posts, but yeah there are now three in a growing collection. If you want your own unicorn top I highly reccomend the children's section of New Look! 

I also had space to love...Red Lipstick, Vegan Baking, and Art Therapy. 

Okay now what was Fiona loving in March??

She Loved...the blogger support network! They really understand blogging and the issues that go with it (it's not just sitting and typing at a computer you know) they also provide help and advice whenever you need it! It truly is a lovely group to be a part of. If you are a newbie blogger then there is a great group you can join on Facebook...come join us.

She also loved...Making Mars Bar cake. Seriously this stuff is amazing!! Fiona and Vaughan helped us move house in November and she brought us some as a house warming gift, and by God it was so moreish! It's no wonder I've gained 2 stone *laugh/cry face*. Check out the recipe here.

Finally she was also loving...Rizzoli & Isles. This is an awesome female led show about a cop and a medical examiner. We both love it but Fiona is way more up to date than me. She just went back to the very start to rewatch it all again and is not afraid to admit that season four had her crying *crying face emoji*. 

Well geezo this has been a long post! Thank you for sticking with me this far. In the interest of not rambling on much longer, let's look at what Damian loved in March.

He loved quite a lot of things but I think the most important one (apart from me, obviously) would be...his new toy, an XBOX One! He has literally not shut up about getting one of these for months, so when he got his bonus from his work in March we went out and finally made him a happy boy. Who wants to see his happy little face? Oh okay here you go...

Isn't he cute?? Lol. 

Anyway that's been just a small part of what we were all loving in March. Hope you liked your wee nosy into our lives for last month, and if you wanna see what we were loving before March check out all the other We Love...posts. 

Much Love 
AJ x


  1. What a lovely post. So nice reading about all the things you all loved. Plus the unicorn obsession is totally the best. Love unicorns so much. I'm now heading to new look kids section. :)

    1. These are definitely my favourite kinds of posts! You really start to appreciate everything that little bit more :-). Oh you really should...I was torn between FOUR unicorn themed tops the last time I was in! Thank you for your lovely comment. :-) xx