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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Hey guys!!

I can't believe it's taken me this long to get round to doing anything Disney related on this blog! I mean seriously I freaking love Disney, obsessed would be an understatement. A couple of months ago I realised that I had watched Tangled more than 20 times in one month, and I'm not even ashamed. So when one of my favourite people in the world- the sweeter than candy Hayley from It's Just Me Hayley D- filled out the Disney Tag I just had to give it a go. So without further ado...

Who is your favourite Disney Princess?
Um this should be a clear cut easy answer BUT I have two! I've split the Princesses into two categories Classic and Modern. So my favourite Classic Princess is Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty- like I seriously love her, so much so that I am trying to convince Damian to let me name one of our future children Briar (Aurora's name while she's growing up with the fairies). My favourite Modern Princess is Rapunzel, she is feisty, beautiful, funny and determined...everything I look for in a princess :-).

What are your top 3 Disney Movies?
Clearly Tangled and Sleeping Beauty are in my top 3 but what about the third?? I'm struggling to decide between The Little Mermaid and Pocahontas, like seriously I love both of these movies so much that making me choose is like Sophie's Choice!! But I've had a think about it and honestly Colours of the Wind is one of the best songs ever so Pocahontas is getting the last spot in my top 3.

Your favourite Disney Song?
Oh my God there are so many good songs! At last I see the Light is beautiful, Do You Wanna Build a Snowman is funny, cute and endearing all at once, BUT Colours of the Wind wins it for me. It's so beautiful, and poignant, and just wonderful.

If you could be any Princess which would you be?
Rapunzel! For all the reasons stated above, and because I love sky lanterns, and books, and having lots of little hobbies, and I would adore a chameleon sidekick :-).

Your favourite dress/outfit?
Aurora's blue dress! In fact, Aurora's dress, when it's a paint splattered mess of blue and pink is awesome too. It annoys me how all the Disney Aurora merchandise has her in a pink dress...I mean seriously have these people even seen the movie?!?

The saddest Disney moment?
Seriously has anybody ever answered this question with anything other than the death of Mufasa?? So sad :-(.

The Disney movie you secretly hate?
Fantasia hands down! It's really quite irrational how much I hate this movie. Even it's name makes me angry at Disney and I have no idea why :-/.

Which Princess do you feel saddest for?
God this is a hard question! Of course, you feel bad for all the Princesses in the beginning but in the end they all end up happy and you know princessy! In the end, I've decided that I feel sorry for Anna the most. That poor girl had a built in best friend and then all of a sudden she was on her own for the majority of her childhood. I might have hated my sister at times but my life would have been so different if I grew up without her.

Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck?
Donald Duck. I love ducks, have done from a young age and Mickey always seemed a bit cocky to me. That and my dad used to do an awesome impression of Donald washing his face when I was little, which always made me giggle, so Donald for the win.

Would you have a Disney themed wedding?
No, I wouldn't. I am obsessed with Disney yes but the idea of theming my wedding just gives me the ick. I never realised until I actually started planning my wedding just how traditional I can be, so no, no themed wedding. However, they did play Beauty and the Beast as I walked down the aisle, and I did have an Aurora figurine to represent me on top of our Disney was there after all.

Favourite Disney scene?
The lantern scene from Tangled is beautiful and so clever. The romantic in me squeals a little everytime I see it. A very close second is the library scene from Beauty and the Beast, because seriously ALL THE BOOKS!!

A Disney villain you secretly like?
Maleficent! I always thought she was misunderstood and when Maleficent the movie came out we got to see a totally different side to her, which showed that villains aren't always crazy sociopaths but sometimes just created by the actions of others.

Who is your Disney Man Crush?
John Smith. He is buff, blonde, he saves Thomas's life at a risk to his own. lets Pocahontas in despite years of teaching that made him believe her people were savages, and he is so good with animals! Okay I know the real story of Pocahontas is totally different but in Disney world he would be the one.

Favourite Disney sidekick?
Pascal. He is adorable, he literally never utters a word but he says so much! He and Maximus are the perfect sidekicks in any Disney movie, and when he sticks his tongue in Flynn (Eugene)'s ear to wake him up I laughed my bloody head off.

Favourite underrated Disney movie?
Hercules. I realised recently that you can't even buy a DVD copy of this in the Disney store! It's almost like people have forgotten it even exists. It rarely makes it into to lists and I just don't understand. The music in Hercules is on point-seriously youtube "I won't say I'm in Love"! The characters are sassy as all hell, and Hades is perhaps the most flaming of all Disney characters.

So there you have it. There are so many questions out there, in internet world, that it would take forever to answer them all so these are just the 15 that I thought were the most fun to answer. If you love Disney you should definitely take part, if you don't love Disney I don't think we can be friends-i'm sorry ;-).

Much Love
AJ xx


  1. I'm doing my answers soon so pop over once they're up.

    Fiona xxx

  2. Sweeter than candy, now i love the sound of that, thankyou for your lovely words gorgeous. I'm so glad you did this tag and your answers are brilliant, totally agree about Fantasia it is the worst movie i have ever seen.

    1. Haha it's so true, you're a darling! Glad you enjoyed my answers and I can't agree more about much hatred lol.

  3. The animated Disney movies are timeless. You can still watch Dumbo or Cinderella today and not miss anything. They don't use pop culture to make jokes. They use so many elements of storytelling that work.

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