Elizabeth is Missing // Book Review // Hit or Miss?

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hi guys.

Well well well, I have finally finished reading Elizabeth is Missing so of course it's time for a review.

For those of you who know me, and read the post in which I purchased said book, it seems quite out of character for it to have taken me this long to read it. But alas it was no mean feat! 

I had such high hopes for Elizabeth is Missing, from the blurb, the testimonials, the quotes from clever people dotted all over the cover, I thought to myself "my, my AJ we're in for a treat here"! But if there was a treat inside, I missed it. 

The story itself was fine, the premise fantastic, but the execution? Slow, plodding, and may I say predictable? 

For those of you unfamiliar with this book the plot is as follows: Elizabeth is Missing...our main character suffers from dementia and although she can barely remember her own family, or the simplest things, she always remembers that her best friend is missing. But as the blurb asks "how can you solve a mystery when you can't remember the clues?" 

The aspect of dementia is handled impeccably! That is this book's shining point. You are lead into Maud's world of living with dementia almost instantly and you grow to sympathise with not only Maud but also her long-suffering daughter. The text makes you share in Maud's confused mental state, the story jumps from past to present, real to imagined, lucid to confused...all the while moving along closer and closer to its resolution. 

However, we are not Maud. We do not suffer from confusion and we (or at least I) quickly figured out where this story was heading, and I got there far faster than the author. 

I realise I sound really mean, and I hate that, but it has to be said. Here, let me reiterate...I DID like the story, I DID love how the author handled such a frequently ignored condition, I DID think her writing was impeccable, I just DID NOT like the pace and predictability of this book. And I know I'm not alone, many of the 140 character reviews I've read on Twitter have made issue with how long this book takes to get to the point. But maybe that's the point? Maybe we are supposed to feel like we are constantly waiting for something to make sense because that is how Maud feels?? I don't know! 

What I do know is that I will happily read anything else the author writes, but I probably won't be re-reading this in a hurry. 

Have you read Elizabeth is Missing? What did you think? Am I being too harsh? I'd love to know what you think...and also if you have any book recommendations for me, I'm all ears (or eyes, whatever). 

Much Love 


  1. Really great insightfull post hun! Im really intrigued to read this now! But i take so long reading books that i may give it a miss!

    1. I definitely wouldn't discourage reading it by any means. Maybe just have it beside your bed and read a chapter at a time. Maybe if you read it bit by bit you won't find it as predictable as me.
      And thanks for your comment, I always love seeing your name pop up in my emails :-). Xx

  2. Great post and I'm not sure I'll be trying it if it doesn't get to the point quickly. I may not cope. Xxx

    1. I don't think you'll like it at all if I'm honest. :-/. However because I encourage reading everything, you can borrow my copy and see what you think xx

    2. I'd say yes but I still have your John Green's to read too. Its mostly law books just now :( xxx

  3. Oh no I really fancied this, bit disappointing to hear this bad review! I normally give up on books if they aren't moving fast enough for me! x

  4. Aw no! I hate putting people off books :-(. It really is readable but yeah the conclusion is rushed after all the build up. Xx