Woman Crush Wednesday!

Sunday, March 08, 2015

I'm sitting here on International Women's Day (8th of March) thinking that maybe we should look closer to home when asking for solidarity in this equal rights movement. Of course I am not saying that we shouldn't be encouraging men to stand up and fight alongside us, of course we should, men should be our biggest allies, but there are so many women out there that need to be brought on side too!

Women need to be their own biggest cheerleaders, women need to stop allowing feminists to be tarred with the "batty, braless, barren women with an axe to grind" brush, women need to be nicer to each other, women are going to be the change.

Now I am not here saying that all women must love all other women because that is just not realistic. Some women are horrible, some women just have different views in life, and some women just don't get on, that's life it's the same for men too! However, I am saying that we need to start being nicer to each other, in general. If we as women are constantly tearing each other down then how can we ever expect the rest of the world to take us seriously?

It is with this in mind that I have decided to add another new series to the blog. I hope you have all heard of WCW- Woman Crush Wednesday- essentially it's another popular hashtag on Twitter/Instagram etc, in the same vain as Throwback Thursday. The onus being that one Wednesdays you share a picture or whatever of the woman you are crushing on that day! Simple really, and this hashtag is regularly full of scantily clad women, just doing their thing, and being lauded for being beautiful.

Well in my world Woman Crush Wednesday is about to get way better...because I pledge that my Inductees into the Love and OAS WCW Hall of Fame, will be included not just for their beauty, but for their brains, their politics, their hard work and their all round awesome womanness!

I'm really excited to start this series and hope you all tune in for it. Now if you excuse me I'm off to figure out who my first inductee should be, if you have any suggestions please do leave me a comment!

Much Love
AJ xx

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