We Love... #5

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Hey guys!!

Right I decided I would do the We Love... post a little bit differently to kick off this new month. So instead of a weekly round up featuring a guest, this special edition will be a round-up of what I've loved in the month of February. Hope you like it :-).

Hart of Dixie 
Season 4, in particular. I used to watch Hart of Dixie quite religiously, and then it went on this hugely long hiatus, I moved house and we decided against getting a TV subscription, so my viewing habits changed somewhat. But in the last couple of weeks I remembered that it had started airing again in the States so DH downloaded it for me and Monday nights have become Hart of Dixie nights...it is actually on in the background while I write this post.
Hart of Dixie cast
Also side-bar: Rachel Bilson had a baby and called it Briar Rose which is only the name of my favourite Disney princess so I also love her!! 

My Angel Wings family
 Angel Wings is a group close to my heart and on 23rd of February they celebrated their 2nd birthday!! In what has become a time honoured tradition every birthday is celebrated with an awareness event and family get together in Glasgow. I travelled down to help out and see my ladies and it was so much fun. We spent the afternoon on Buchanan Street handing out fliers about what Angel Wings does, with Fiona dancing around in a minion outfit, and then a bunch of us met for dinner at the Living Room.
Angel Wings team. Glasgow. Minion
Angel Wings meet-up. Barca Glasgow.

Princes Square. Glasgow. Minion

Sorry for the photo overload there! These are just a few from the whole day. 

Date Days
For so long our little live has been missing one thing...date night!! Damian and I are firm believers in date night, we love just setting aside some time to try out new bars and restaurants in the area and just spending time together. However so far this year date nights have been hard to come by :-(. But in February we managed to squeeze in a date day! I worked a whole week of 5am starts, which is horrendous, but has the upside of meaning I finished work before 2pm every day thus giving us the whole afternoon/evening together. We kinda just went shopping, had lunch and that was it, but it was totally enough to put a smile on my face so it makes the list!

deep fried camembert, slain's castle, aberdeen

fish and chips, slain's castle, aberdeen

Millies Cookies, giant cookie cake. Yum
Wow, that came out way more food heavy than I remembered!! In other news, Giant Millie's Cookies are EVERYTHING, that weird brown thing at the top is deep-fried camembert which I am assured was delicious AND we discovered that Damian does fish and chips right, and I eat like a young child i.e "can I have beans with that, ooh and no green stuff!!"

And lastly, in February I have really been loving how well my blog is growing. It really goes to show that if you put effort into something it will pay off. This month I have been approached by brands, acquired loads of lovely new followers, and been invited to my first bloggers event. I am so excited for the future, and while all these things are, of course, lovely, I remember to tell myself every day that my blog was started for me, and it will continue to be my little corner of the world. So whether I get 3 views a day or 3000 my content will be the things I want to feature, and the opinions will be my own. 

Thank you for reading folks. 

Much Love

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