The Versatile Blogger Award

Thursday, March 12, 2015

I have discovered so many lovely people over the last couple of months in the blogging community. I know all the non-bloggers out there are probably thinking "Did she honestly just type blogging community?" and I DID because it really is. These fellow bloggers support each other, share hints and tips, actually give a damn if you are having a good day or not- it is the best community I have ever been a part of. Just the other day when I was having an awful day -brought on mostly by overcharged hormones (damn things) and horrible, horrible people- not one, but two. fellow bloggers managed to make me smile! Go them! The first was the lovely Olivia Jade at Dungarees and Donuts and her #sharelove movement- keep an eye on her blog to see what it's all about. And second was my spirit animal Hayley at It's Just Me Hayley D who very kindly nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. Both these ladies had such lovely things to say that I was truly flattered...but enough prattling on let's do this Versatile Blogger Award thing!!

Versatile blogger award

As I understand it The Versatile Blogger Award is an award for newbie bloggers, much like the Liebster Award but with slightly different rules. This time I have to tell you all 7 random facts about me (have we not heard enough already?) and then nominate 15 newbie bloggers to take on the task themselves.

Here Goes...

  1. I am an Angel Mum - Our baby would have been turning 1 on the 18th of March 2015 (if he had been born on time) but instead he is partying on the clouds and we will light a candle in his honour, in his own little, engraved tealight holder,
  2. I am 27 years old and still don't really know what I want to do when I "grow up" and do you know what I'm not even worried about it. When I'm ready to make that decision I will make it, and if it is the wrong one, I'll do something's not the end of the world to change your mind. 
  3. I hate the feeling of having wet skin. Here's where it gets weird...I love the feeling of the water falling over me in the shower BUT the minute I step out of that shower I need to be drying off because the feeling of half wet/half dry skin actually gives me the creeps. 
  4. I *whisper it* am becoming a bit of a professional wrestling fan! (Don't tell Damian).
  5. I have recently added Unicorns to my growing obsession list. They join turtles, Tangled, Princess Aurora, and angel wings- just warning a certain somebody that the flat will be filling up with these soon. 
  6. I recently gave into the devil and purchased a Kindle. This admission hurts me deeply BUT when two of your favourite authors start releasing additional stories from your favourite worlds on ebook only, there is no other choice. I'm looking at you Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl!!
  7. I collect hotel room keycards! When I say collect I mean steal, and then add to my memories box. I don't even remember when this started but It's like a mini mission every time I stay in a hotel. "Oops I lost my key", "I'm so sorry but I seem to have left my key in the room", "can we get one each please" all things I have said that weren't necessary, or necessarily true, but that culminated in me adding another key to my collection. 
Wow these things are getting difficult!

I guess I better nominate a few people:
Bex at Evil Ginger
Dyan at The Little Blog of Everything
Fiona at Wishes, Hopes and Dreams
Ashton at Beauty, Books and Babble
Beth at Bethany-Georgina
Keating (awesome name btw) at KeatingMary
Mark at That Gent Mark
The mysterious A at Wonderings2015
Bowie-Marie at Disasters of a Twenty-Something


Melissa at Fruity Flamingo
Charlotte at Colours and Carousels
Laura at A Life with Frills
Kelly at This Northern Girl
Lisa at The China Doll Diaries
Morag at mo'adore

Have fun ladies :-).

Much Love
AJ xx


  1. This is great! How many of those keys do you actually have!?!?

    1. Thanks hun!! Um off the top of my head probably around 20-30 lol. It's growing slowly but surely 😂