Pretty Little Liars // The First Time

Thursday, March 12, 2015

I have always wanted to do a "thoughts I had whilst..." post and tonight I finally took the plunge and watched Pretty Little Liars for the first time EVER! So without further ado here are the "Thoughts I had whilst watching PLL for the first time"...

Wow Lucy Hale is freaking BEAUTIFUL!

Oh my God it's Crazy nanny Carrie.

If I get really into this show it's just going to reignite my Holly Marie Combs brow envy!

No, but seriously, Lucy Hale...WCE (That's Woman Crush Everyday FYI)

So everyone in Rosewood is like really rich then?

Jeez people!Stop tweeting me during Pretty Little Liars.

If I got arrested for shoplifting I'd have been grounded for life- does Hanna even get punished??

Who the fuck is Jenna??

Mmm fine, Ben & Jerrys.

AWKWARD- mum is getting freaky, and who looks at their daughter like that whilst hooking up??

So, I just ate a whole bag of brownies and the episode isn't even finished yet!

Kiss Her! (I don't care if you're her teacher, she's HOT!)


AHH, so THAT'S Jenna.

This detective has a bit of a chip on his shoulder, no?

Okay Jenna has some serious hair game. Is she blind? Who does her hair???

Oh crap now I'm crushing on Aria's eyebrows too.

Aw synchronised cryptic text reading- cute!

Okay seriously- do we really not find out who 'A' is for another six seasons?

13 SECONDS?? Netflix, screw your 13 seconds, gimme episode 2 NOW!!

So that was fun. I think I can understand why people are seriously addicted to this show. Now I just need Netflix to stop being super judgemental and just play the next episode unless I tell it otherwise (like seriously why isn't this an option?)

I think you can probably guess that I enjoyed the first (and second) episodes of Pretty Little Liars, and can't wait to watch more. Do you love it? Does it get any better? Will I be able to avoid 'A' spoilers? Ooh so many questions...let me know what you think in the comments or as always come chat on Twitter.

Much Love AJ xx


  1. I had to stop as it gave me nightmares but it's sooooo good!

    1. Oh my gosh does it get that creepy?? I'm loving it so far so let's hope it doesn't scare me off lol x