My Little Box March Edition // Superhero Box // Spoilers

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Oh my god how much do I love My Little Box?! This month the excitement started as soon as they sent out the little hint email you get just before your box arrives- keywords like Superhero, Wonderwoman, and fabulous- excited my inner geek and outer feminist. So when the lovely postie lady knocked on my door on Thursday with my package I couldn't wait to rip it open. Let's have a look inside shall we...

I'm not gonna lie I literally squealed "Ah stickers!!" When I opened the box, I love a good sticker -In fact there are some more in my Payday haul post which is going live tomorrow. Anyway underneath the stickers were this months copy of My Little World, our little fabric bags of beauty treats and a weird tube like gift.

I desperately wanted to see what was inside the tube, but the blogger in me was repeating "no Aj you have to take pictures first!" so I waited until I got home from work and had taken all the pretty pictures you see here.

What's in the box? 
My Little World
Gat Rimon t-shirt
Beauty Bag

The Gat Rimon t-shirt is so cool, but a bit thin. In the theme of superheroes the t-shirt has the phrase 'I believe I can fly' printed on it and I love it. The model on the front of My Little World is wearing one which says 'We can be heroes just for one day' which I would have loved even more but when the t-shirt cost £29 retail, I can't really complain can I. I will say though that putting clothes in a beauty box can be risky for a company that doesn't take details from subscribers like size etc, this t-shirt is one size and It's really baggy on me, looking at it on I would say it would fit a 12-14 perfectly.

What's in the bag?

K√©rastase Cristaliste Conditioner 75ml 
This conditioner sounds so much like what I need for my hair! It promises luminous silky hair, and who doesn't want that. Recently my hair has been getting very oily on top and dry and fuzzy at the ends so I've been searching for a new conditioner...are the people behind My Little Box psychic?

You know I think they might be because the next gift in the bag was...

Caudalíe Paris Gourmet Hand and Nail Cream 30ml
We're told this hand cream is organic and contains anti-oxidants so yay natural! In comes in such an expensive looking tube (which is always nice). My hands have always been really dry but lately with pulling a metal trolley every day I've been getting calluses and even drier patches so I'm hoping this helps...stay tuned!

And last but by no means least:

My Little Beauty Lips & Cheeks Crayon
Once again the packaging is cute as a button (and straight out of the Topshop makeup range if you ask me) and the product inside isn't too bad either! This is a creamy product that slides on like a dream. It's essentially a lipstick that you can use as a cheek stain, and who doesn't love double duty products. I'm not really a big blush wearer, I prefer the contour look if I'm honest, but this is the perfect coral colour for my lips.

So yeah, once again My Little Box have made me more than happy to part with my money each month. Have you signed up yet? What do you think of this month's box? Want me to make signing up even easier for you? Well alright then here you go...My Little Box.

Much love


  1. I've been looking for a beauty box to subscribe to... this one looks interesting. Thanks for the review! I've subscribed to you on Bloglovin :)

    1. I love it, haven't been disappointed yet and it's one of the cheapest boxes on the market. I definitely recommend it. And thank you, I'm really glad you enjoy my little world. x

  2. I absolutely love My Little Box, and I thought March's box was great. I got a Garnier sleeping pack instead of the hand cream but honestly I'd have been happy with either, which I think is a good sign. I am looking forward to next month's already...!

    1. They are so great aren't they. Yeah I think you're right, everything they put in seems to be on point that you really can't be too disappointed. I always get that horrible feeling about a week after I open mine because I remember I have to wait weeks for the next one :-( x