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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Hi guys!
What do you get when you take a beautiful tearoom in Glasgow, a soupcon of lovely bloggers, gorgeously decadent cake, and the new fabric range from Hillary's Blinds? Hillary's Crafternoon is what you get dear readers. Other answers floating around in my head are, a rollicking good time, and pinpricked fingers!

If you haven't guessed by now, I was one of the lucky bloggers that were invited to take part in a crafting event with The Crafty Hen, Joe's Bloggers and Hillary's.

We all gathered into the lovely Butterfly & Pig and were told what we were going to be doing with our afternoon- now I'm not going to lie, I cheated a little and checked up on the previous crafternoons to see what we were in for- which included making our very own notebook cover. If you know me at all you will know I am absolutely obsessed with notebooks (73 and rising in my current collection) so I was super excited about making something so "me".

I am seriously coveting this cabinet! also sorry about catching the Crafty Hen mid-word...

Pretty pretty wall decor, and the colours are seriously my dream colours.

We were given our choice of fabrics from Hillary's new range and I just had to have this gorgeous bluey/silvery/greeny shiny material. The pattern is so simple but beautiful at the same time.
It has to be said that this little project was nowhere near as easy as it sounds, but with a little help from the lovely Michelle of DIY Shopaholic I got there in the end.

Hillary's Blinds, Crafternoon, Notebook

I was quite proud of how it turned out if I'm honest, and the best part is that once the notebook inside is finished I can just slip in another one :-).

It was lovely getting to know the other bloggers, that I was sat with, while we worked on our notebooks (and while I personally worked on not pricking myself with the needle every two seconds)! And we were given a chance to have a natter when the lovely servers brought us our beautiful cakes.

Now I am definitely not a big cake eater but I did have a taste of the lovely Red Velvet cake (picture at the top) and it was very yummy. If you like cake you absolutely should pop along to try these out. The fit for a Princess pink concoction above was Michelle's cake, but I couldn't resist taking a picture.

After cake we were given our second project of the day which was way, way harder than our wee notebook cover!! We got to make a stuffed bird, now some of you may know that I hate birds-this task didn't do anything to change my mind! I used the same fabric because come on it's damn pretty, and I like things to match. Now my complete inability to sew anything other than a rogue button became really apparent here, but I got there in the end and created this little beauty...

I'd like to say that the feathery effect on my bird's tail was intentional but honestly it just happened as the fabric started to fray, but hey it looks good, right??

All in all I had a fabulous time at my first blogger's event, and I can't thank the companies involved more for the invite!
Special mention to Bex at Evil Ginger who made me feel comfortable as soon as I arrived. I am not the best in new social situations but the ladies sat with me on the day made it a relatively painless experience.

I can't wait until the next event, and hopefully next time I won't leave with countless pinpricks in my fingers and jeans!!

Much Love
AJ xx

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