We Love...#4

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hi Guys!

So regular readers will notice that this week's We Love...post is a touch later than usual. I can only apologise but sometimes we just get too busy living life, to blog about life. But here I am, ready and raring to bring you the things I have been loving from the past week!

I Love... Random trips to the Art Gallery!!
On Sunday me and Damian went shopping, but on the way to the shops we realised the Art Gallery was open so we popped in to see if there were any new exhibits (and to see my favourite piece). The Gallery always makes me happy, there are so many clever and pretty things to see and on this occasion we didn't even go upstairs!
Here's some of my favourite things from this trip...
This piece is so pretty. It is made of woven paper and fabric, and the colours flow and change as you look at it. I can just imagine having this on my wall. 

I had to chuckle at this. Mainly because it reminded me of a time when Paris Hilton was considered the year's biggest star!! According to the artist he uses captions from magazines and newsreels etc as a way to comment on a moment in time. Clearly it is just a blank canvas of colour but the caption is supposed to illicit an image in the viewers head. 

This neon light piece by Tracy Emin just keeps drawing my attention. It is so simple and very reminiscent of the "Girls, Girls, Girls" signs that were so prevalent in the 80s, but this one has such a lovely message. I know it might be quite difficult to read in the photo but it says "I felt you and I knew you loved me" which I think is just so sweet. 

I Love...Yankee Candles. It's not just the candles either. I love the wax tarts you get for melting, I love the shop, in general, which is so welcoming and smells amazing. I just love all things Yankee. We have quite a few of their products in the flat already but a random trip in on Sunday saw us come home with just a few more. 
We got all of these for less than £10!! I was so excited by the Lemon Lavender candle jar because Damian hates Lavender and wouldn't let me take it into the flat before. Thankfully he sniffed this and realised that the lemon was the more prevalent smell so...YAY. 
The beach flowers wax tart smells so much like where we got married we just had to have it, and we are both big fans of anything fruity so when we saw the other two were half price, they went flying into our bag too. 

I think the thing I love most about Yankee is that they burn really well, and there is little to no smokiness (unlike some of the higher end candles out there). That and the scents are so strong, but so far, not overpowering. 

I Love...finally this week I love having a massive clear out. I was hella hungover last Tuesday but for some reason my mind decided it wanted to blitz the flat. I literally did not stop for hours, rearranged the entire kitchen, threw out a ton of old make-up, and washed every dish in the flat! It was a pretty good day. Photos of the kitchen are below. I'll be doing a seperate post about how I organised my beauty products soon. 

 Yes that is a knife stand, in the style of a X-Wing fighter!!

Funny story...a week later it is STILL this tidy! I know, I'm shocked too. 

Now this week's guest is my mummy!! I couldn't have my sister one week and not have my mum the next so say hiya to the woman who birthed me...

I like to call this the "stop taking photos while I'm trying to drink" face.

She Loves...Bargain hunting. I mean who doesn't like finding a good bargain every now and again? But mum, she's the bargain hunting master. If it's on eBay mum will have it, if it's white, mum will have it, if it is angel related, you better believe mum will have it! This past week she got a new NAO ornament for just £10 r.r.p £85! How's that for a bargain? 

She Loves...Bailey. Her gorgeous kitty cat. He's the newest addition to the McCahery pet family, and by God is he not the most adorable kitten ever. Bailey came into our lives after our old-man cat Toffy passed away last June. Mum says that Bailey never fails to make her smile, which is a pretty good job for one little pussy cat. Who wants to see photos?? 

Just look at that face!! Adorable, no wonder she loves him. 
And one more now he's a little bit bigger...

Finally, what do we both love? 

We Love...mum's exact words here were "apart from George lol" and she's right we do both love my daddy but for the interest of not sounding smarmy as hell, she decided to go with...handbags. And she's not wrong, you know. If you were ever looking to see where I got my handbag obsession from, you would only have to look as far as mummy. I'd never really thought about it this way but mum said "I could use one every day, and still have loads left over". I have one photo of a small part of my collection and I'm sure mum's is around the same size...

 This hamper is fit to bursting with some of my favourite bags, some I've bought, some mum bought for me,  and some I may have freed from her wardrobe (she has enough it's not like she'd notice!!) haha, only joking mum. 

Anyway that's your lot for this week's Loves. Check out all the other posts in this series here
What have you been loving this week? Do you have a favourite scent from Yankee that you think I should check out? Leave me a comment and let me know :-). 

Much Love

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