We Love...#3

Monday, February 09, 2015

Hi guys!
It's apparently that time of the week again. I've been working all afternoon so this is a bit late but we always get there in the end.

This weeks guest is my "little" sister Cheryl. There are 7 years between me and my sister but I honestly think that at our age you really don't notice the age gap anymore and I would definitely call her one of my best friends (Only now though, when we were younger I hated her with a burning passion-only kind of joking Chez :-p).
Isn't she pretty?? Sorry about the lighting but this was taken in our mum's lounge and basically with all the white furniture it works like a giant lightbox :-). 

Anyway on with this week's loves...

I Love...Katy Perry! I mean have you seen the Superbowl half-time show yet? If you haven't, seriously you need to...in fact I'll make it easy for you.

This is one of the best Half-Time shows I've seen in a long time, and it honestly just made me love Katy Perry so much. 

I Love...My Little Box. I have done a whole post on the January box here but I had to include it in my loves because it was fab. I received my first box this week and already I'm chasing the Postie to see where the February one is. Not only is it cute, but now I've actually had time to try the products inside I can say without a doubt that it was worth every penny too. 
She Loves...Her new vintage driving gloves! This weekend before I went to work, Cheryl, her friend Doris, and I went to a Vintage fair in town and it was lovely. Cheryl said she loved it which is always good (because she is notoriously hard to please). She picked up these gorgeous gloves and a wee vintage teacup that had been re-purposed into a sewing type thing (don't ask me to explain lol, Cheryl might share a picture of it with us in the comments). 
She Loves...walking Buster. Now let me be clear here Buster is a dog, an adorable, but a bit fat, King Charles Spaniel to be exact. He belongs to our grandad and it used to be my job to walk him and then I went and got myself a full-time job AND moved into the city centre! Thankfully Chez has started this year off right with Operation Skinny Buster (he really is very fat!) and she takes him for all sorts of wonderful walks around Aberdeen. This week she said she loved being outside in the fresh air with him, and meeting lots of other dogs, she also said humans which is where we differ because she seems to like that and if I'm honest it's my least favourite part of any day *insert laughy face emoji here*! 
I don't know what it is about photos Cheryl-centric but it appears she is being followed around by a large bright ball of light in every photo!! 
We Love...um so I'll admit that I forgot to ask Cheryl for something she thought we both loved (and now she's in bed, that's old age for you!) but I think I can come up with one she will agree with. 
Let's be soppy and go with...having a sister! 
I love having a sister because even though we fought like cats and dogs, told each other we hated each other, and made up lies about escaped robbers in the area, forcing the other to sleep with a toy gun under her pillow (her to me by the way, and don't ask what I thought I was going to do with a toy gun.) I always knew that this girl would have my back forever! And I'm sure she'll admit that she loves having a sister because she's got a friend that she can literally bat her eyelashes at and get anything she wants. I'm talking make-up sessions, leg-waxing (good God woman you are so bad at getting this done!), fashion advice, the list goes on. And I actually think she secretly loved having a little her to pick on when we were growing up. 

Well, that's our loves for another week. What were you loving this week? Do you subscribe to My Little Box or are you considering it? Do you have a midget older sister that you would protect for life? Leave me a comment and we can chat :-). 

Oh and if you want to find out more about the people who guest in the posts, or who get mentioned in the majority of my posts the click on the Main Characters tab at the top of the page and have a nosy. 

Much Love 

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