We Love...#2

Monday, February 02, 2015

Hi guys and welcome to the second of our We Love...series!!

This weeks special guest is my best friend and fellow newbie blogger Fiona Abbey. So we'll hear my three loves for the week, Fiona's two and then of course our combined thing we both love. 

So without further ado: 

I love...my friends! This weekend was Superbowl weekend and that meant only one thing SUPERBOWL PARTY!! I'm going to do a real post just about the party but the point in making here is that my friends are hilarious, and smart, and just the coolest people on earth :-).

I love 2...Twitter. Over the last week or two my Twitter has become such a part of my daily routine. From getting to know fellow bloggers to having some of my favourite authors actually interact with me, it's been a great Twitter time :-). 

I love 3...washi tape. I've always loved washi tape for scrapbooking and the such but this week my washi tape addiction has gone stratospheric! I decided to jazz up my writers buruea and now thanks to washi tape it looks like this
Isn't she lovely!! 

And of course because once I start I can't stop I also decided to put some photos up on our wall. Because we are renters we aren't actually allowed to make any alterations to our living space so washi tape and blu-tac are my best friends. Here's my little wall...
Work in progress but I think it looks good so far. 

Now for our guest's loves...

She loves...the House of Night series. I suggested these to Fiona because I love them and now she does too!! Like seriously she has literally binge read the first six books in the series a like a week!

She loves 2...watching trash TV while her husband is away for work. We all have guilty pleasures and some of us have evil husbands/partners that roll their eyes and laugh at us when we want to sit and watch Glee (actually on while I write this!) or Hart of Dixie or any other typical American fluff show. I think Hart of Dixie is Fiona's particular favourite this week. 

And finally...

We Love...organisation. It's one thing we have in common and it's definitely a huge part of our lives. It's nice having a friend that doesn't laugh at you when you finish cataloguing your wardrobe into files on your computer...this is done by size btw and no I am not ashamed! 😂😂.  

What have you been loving this week? Let me know in the comments, ad come over and chat to me on Twitter. 

Much Love
Aj xx

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