Pre-payday spree!

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Unlike the rest of the working world, my payday does not fall on the last Friday of the month. When everyone else (I'm generalising here but stay with me) is relishing the fact that it's payday and duly embarking on spending as much of it as they can as fast as they can, I am probably half way through my pay! Getting paid four weekly is both a blessing and a curse, pro: I get paid 13 times a year (haha suck it normals!) and con: sometimes I have no money left to play with when all my friends are like "woohoo payday! Drinks?".
I guess the point I'm trying to make here is that I'm woefully poor at the moment but did I let that come between me and the things that make me happy? Did I heck!! Let's have a look at what has made its way into our home this week.

Not bad little bundle for being skint is it?! Well, I'll be honest I didn't personally buy all of it...

This beautiful box just screamed to be added to our living room, I'm not even entirely sure what I'm going to put in it but by God I had to have it! So my sweet sister bought it for me (isn't she lovely?) it was only £5 from one of our local charity shops, and it matches my writer's bureau perfectly :-). Speaking of this charity shop it was quite possibly the coolest one I have ever seen. It was decorated all quirky and vintage, with old style furniture literally suspended from the ceiling, and mismatched mirrors dotted all round the walls. This store also had a gorgeous pair of Prada slingbacks on sale for £25 but as we all know I'm skint!! Pray for me that they are still there next week. 

In the same shop I picked up this cute little summery top, I figured that if I started to dress fro the nice weather it might appear-who am I trying to kid lol-! Anyway I was a bit wary about this because it has a split back and I don't really wear anything that shows off my back because it is covered in scars, but my sister convinced me that you wouldn't be able to see them, she also followed this up with "even if you can, they are your life story!" right little Hallmark moment isn't she. So yeah this beauty was only £5 too. 

I've always wanted to find a bookstore that does Blind date books, you know the kind where the books are wrapped in brown paper and little clues are written on the front as to what's inside? Well, our local Oxfam had a wee basket full of them hiding in the back...I got stupid excited!! The one I chose had "quirky family", "inexperienced nanny" and "letters to a from family members" on the front. I have a nosy streak and I love reading old letters, diaries and personal tidbits so this was right up my street. And this is what I got...
I haven't started it yet, but it looks interesting and it only cost 99p. 

The book I have started this week is...
AWESOME! Awesome is what it is! This book is so cool and I am eternally grateful to my bestie Fiona for buying it and sending it to me "just because". I mean I did make a tongue in cheek comment about her buying it and lending it to me when she was done but because she's a diamond she got me my own copy. No doubt she's waiting to hear what I say about then she'll download it onto her devil book (kindle). Thank you Fiona, love you lots. xxx

and finally, this one is a little cheat because I actually bought it last week but it didn't arrive until yesterday so it makes the cut. 
Washi Tape! Haha, of course it's washi tape, I'm obsessed. These two are for a specific home decor project I have planned, so stay tuned to see how that turns out. 

Have you bought any cute, pre-payday buys lately? Any help on making my money go that little bit further? Why not leave a comment and let me know?

Much Love 
AJ xx

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