My Little Box: January Edition

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Now I know those of you who subscribe to My Little Box, or just follow bloggers who do, will be like "January Edition? It's February love keep up!" But I only subcribed midway through January and just received my first box and had to, had to share it.

To those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about let me enlighten you. My Little Box is a subscription beauty box along the same lines as BirchBox, GlossyBox et al. This one is from a company called My Little Paris and is one of the slighter cheaper options at only £11+ p&p a month. I've never really thought about signing up before but one look at past boxes had me popping my details into their website faster than you can say "Shut up and take my money!". 

So without further ado step inside my first box with me: 
January's box knows that you want to do better his year, it knows you want to be the best YOU possible and it's here to help.  
Doesn't that look like an awful lot of cool stuff to get sent to your door for less than £15?!!

1x Affirmation card by their in house illustrator.
1x Copy of My Little World magazine
1x Calendar 
1x Gym Bag
1x Beauty Bag-with this months beauty gifts inside. 

So what's inside the beauty bag? 
Only a full size bottle of bloody (no pun intended) Nails Inc nail varnish!! This colour is called Tate and is like a proper red. Not an orangey red, not an "it might be dark pink" red, but a proper deep, sultry, sexy red. It's literally already on my fingers. 
My Little Box have their own range of products called My Little Beauty (funnily enough) and this months product is an energising mist for face and body. At 75ml, this is a decent sized bottle that'll go a long way, and with vitamin c and green tea in the ingredients it promises to wake up even the tiredest of skin. I can't wait to try it. 
And last but by no means least the wee beauty bag produced this 30ml tube of Photo-Hydra Day from Talika Paris. The tube States that this moisturiser uses natural light to deeply moisturise your skin and that sounds all kinds of sciency and cool. Everyone who knows me knows I have very dry problematic skin so I'm eager to see what this can do.

So yeah I'm pretty chuffed with my first box and can't wait to try out all my new products, including this cute calendar...

And this spectacularly roomy gym bag...

What do you think of My Little Box? Do you subscribe already or are you considering doing it and want an honest opinion? Leave me a comment below and I'll share my thoughts on each product with you :-).

Much Love 


  1. I've been considering one but unsure up till now. May go for it seeing what's in your one this month xxx

    1. My February box should be here soon so I'd wait for the post on that one and see how you feel. But so far I'm impressed :-). Xxx