Waterstones Haul

So apparently we can't walk into a bookshop and not buy something...who knew!? 

This haul actually took place over two days, which just serves to underline my point about something being bought EVERY'damn'TIME. 

Those of you who view the blog on desktop may have noticed my funky little wish list slideshow, if you have you will have seen this bad-boy staring out at you every minute or so. So far, this is a really compelling story of a woman with deteriorating memory trying to solve the mystery of her friend Elizabeth's disappearance. As you can see from the above photo this book won the Costa First Novel Award, so I'm hoping it lives up to the hype. 

Right I'm not going to lie, I bought (well Damian bought) this one based purely on the cover. The fact it looks like my diary when I go post-it crazy, just adds to the appeal. This is the story of Theodore Finch and Violet Markey who are both struggling with their own problems and yet, find themselves falling in love. I'm really excited to get started and see how the story unfolds. 

Do I really need to explain these ones? Tanya and Fleur are two amazing bloggers/vloggers that have really found their place in the industry. Both books appealed to me, as both a blogger and as a woman who is just starting to experiment with the beauty side of things. I dove straight into The Glam Guide and I'm sure I'm going to love it.

I'm not even mad that Chuck the Waterstones guy spelled our surname wrong, growing up as a McCahery I am more than used to it, because THAT ^^^^ is a pre-order of Harper Lee's Go Set  A Watchman!! To Kill a Mockingbird is one of my all-time favourite stories and when I heard they were finally releasing her previously unpublished prequel I literally squealed with excitement. 
Right now, Waterstones are doing the book for half price if you pre-order it before its 14th July release date. If you really want to read this (if you don't I'm not sure we can be friends) I highly recommend taking advantage of this offer, because the book is retailing at £18.99, and because I am lovely...buy it here!

I'm so excited to read my new pile, which will be taking up residence next to my Crime pile, my to re-read pile, and my Classics pile! 

I'd love to know if any of you have read these books yet, and what you thought of them? Or are there any books you think I should be adding to any of my piles? Leave me a comment below, or as always tweet me :-). 

Much Love 

OOTD: Monday Night Edition

Well now, if you follow me on Twitter you will know that I ended up out on the party train on Monday night...this may have something to do with the fact that it is now Wednesday and I'm only just getting round to posting this OOTD! Hangovers are the devil, that is all.

But yeah before I got all kinds of drunk on Monday I managed to take a few photos of the night's outfit so here we go...

I love how simple this outfit is, yet how perfect it is for a Monday night out. I don't love how my black jeans seem to have attracted every white bit of fluff and dust in the vicinity, but hey ho. 

So the details: 
Jeans- Black 1969 Skinny Regulars from GAP- £49.95 (I paid £35.01 because they were doing 30% off if you tried on any pair of jeans!!)
Top- very old plain black top from GEORGE at ASDA. I think this cost about £4.
Kimono- I love a good blousey kimono top and I found this one in the Warehouse sale for £8!
Shoes- Croc patterned black strappy courts from New Look- £24.99

I have this issue with shoes where I need an ankle strap or they just slip right off my feet, I know that sounds silly and I should just buy my size BUT a 3 is always too small, and a 4 requires a strap. So when I found these I had to have them, and they are so pretty, and go with absolutely everything. 

I am also a huge fan of black jeans, but my favourite pair are having an argument with my ever expanding waistline at the moment, so I had to purchase these new ones. They are very long for a regular though, considering I have stupidly long legs for a short person, I've never had this problem before, but rather than walk away from these otherwise perfect jeans, I just utilised the turn up :-). 
I also just have to say that if you are looking for a comfortable, yet still stylish, pair of good-quality jeans then you can't go wrong with GAP, I have three different pairs from their 1969 range and love them all. 

Right you might have also noticed that I seem to have quite a lot more makeup on than usual- I am making an effort to use all the stuff that clutters up my bathroom. For this particular night out I am wearing: 

BY TERRY- Bronze Generation eyeliner
Benefit- Roller Lash Mascara
Benefit- Face Powder in Dandelion
Benefit- High Beam Highlighter
MAC- Pro Longwear Lip Liner in Nice 'n' Spicy
Collection 2000- Lipstick in Peachy Keen. 
Bare Minerals- Marvellous Moxie Lipgloss in Hypnotist

Anyway,, I love this outfit, I felt comfortable all night, and the minute I arrived at the darts I was asked how I knew we were having a proper night out. I took this to mean that I looked like I had made an effort lol. 

Leave me a comment with your thoughts on this outfit, or take a look back at some other outfits by clicking the OOTD label. 

Much Love

We Love...#4

Hi Guys!

So regular readers will notice that this week's We Love...post is a touch later than usual. I can only apologise but sometimes we just get too busy living life, to blog about life. But here I am, ready and raring to bring you the things I have been loving from the past week!

I Love... Random trips to the Art Gallery!!
On Sunday me and Damian went shopping, but on the way to the shops we realised the Art Gallery was open so we popped in to see if there were any new exhibits (and to see my favourite piece). The Gallery always makes me happy, there are so many clever and pretty things to see and on this occasion we didn't even go upstairs!
Here's some of my favourite things from this trip...
This piece is so pretty. It is made of woven paper and fabric, and the colours flow and change as you look at it. I can just imagine having this on my wall. 

I had to chuckle at this. Mainly because it reminded me of a time when Paris Hilton was considered the year's biggest star!! According to the artist he uses captions from magazines and newsreels etc as a way to comment on a moment in time. Clearly it is just a blank canvas of colour but the caption is supposed to illicit an image in the viewers head. 

This neon light piece by Tracy Emin just keeps drawing my attention. It is so simple and very reminiscent of the "Girls, Girls, Girls" signs that were so prevalent in the 80s, but this one has such a lovely message. I know it might be quite difficult to read in the photo but it says "I felt you and I knew you loved me" which I think is just so sweet. 

I Love...Yankee Candles. It's not just the candles either. I love the wax tarts you get for melting, I love the shop, in general, which is so welcoming and smells amazing. I just love all things Yankee. We have quite a few of their products in the flat already but a random trip in on Sunday saw us come home with just a few more. 
We got all of these for less than £10!! I was so excited by the Lemon Lavender candle jar because Damian hates Lavender and wouldn't let me take it into the flat before. Thankfully he sniffed this and realised that the lemon was the more prevalent smell so...YAY. 
The beach flowers wax tart smells so much like where we got married we just had to have it, and we are both big fans of anything fruity so when we saw the other two were half price, they went flying into our bag too. 

I think the thing I love most about Yankee is that they burn really well, and there is little to no smokiness (unlike some of the higher end candles out there). That and the scents are so strong, but so far, not overpowering. 

I Love...finally this week I love having a massive clear out. I was hella hungover last Tuesday but for some reason my mind decided it wanted to blitz the flat. I literally did not stop for hours, rearranged the entire kitchen, threw out a ton of old make-up, and washed every dish in the flat! It was a pretty good day. Photos of the kitchen are below. I'll be doing a seperate post about how I organised my beauty products soon. 

 Yes that is a knife stand, in the style of a X-Wing fighter!!

Funny story...a week later it is STILL this tidy! I know, I'm shocked too. 

Now this week's guest is my mummy!! I couldn't have my sister one week and not have my mum the next so say hiya to the woman who birthed me...

I like to call this the "stop taking photos while I'm trying to drink" face.

She Loves...Bargain hunting. I mean who doesn't like finding a good bargain every now and again? But mum, she's the bargain hunting master. If it's on eBay mum will have it, if it's white, mum will have it, if it is angel related, you better believe mum will have it! This past week she got a new NAO ornament for just £10 r.r.p £85! How's that for a bargain? 

She Loves...Bailey. Her gorgeous kitty cat. He's the newest addition to the McCahery pet family, and by God is he not the most adorable kitten ever. Bailey came into our lives after our old-man cat Toffy passed away last June. Mum says that Bailey never fails to make her smile, which is a pretty good job for one little pussy cat. Who wants to see photos?? 

Just look at that face!! Adorable, no wonder she loves him. 
And one more now he's a little bit bigger...

Finally, what do we both love? 

We Love...mum's exact words here were "apart from George lol" and she's right we do both love my daddy but for the interest of not sounding smarmy as hell, she decided to go with...handbags. And she's not wrong, you know. If you were ever looking to see where I got my handbag obsession from, you would only have to look as far as mummy. I'd never really thought about it this way but mum said "I could use one every day, and still have loads left over". I have one photo of a small part of my collection and I'm sure mum's is around the same size...

 This hamper is fit to bursting with some of my favourite bags, some I've bought, some mum bought for me,  and some I may have freed from her wardrobe (she has enough it's not like she'd notice!!) haha, only joking mum. 

Anyway that's your lot for this week's Loves. Check out all the other posts in this series here
What have you been loving this week? Do you have a favourite scent from Yankee that you think I should check out? Leave me a comment and let me know :-). 

Much Love

OOTD: Our Valentine's Day

So if you've read our Lets Talk About Love post you will know that I had to work yesterday :-(. So we've decided to take today to do fun stuff together, have a nice meal and just enjoy each other's company.

With that in mind...we're going shopping!! Haha. I saw this gorgeous pair  of Prada shoes in a shop pre-payday so we are going back to see if they are still in stock. There is also a Polaroid camera on my list that just looks perfect for me so fingers crossed it's still available. 

So what does one wear to go shopping in February when it's very cold out? 

I love these colours together I think they just look so sweet, and this cardigan is surprisingly cosy. 
Cardigan: Oasis (very old, it used to be Cheryl's way back when).
Blouse: Zara (I think a year old maybe!)
Jeans: Gap (Gap have the best mid-range jeans. These are so soft, comfortable and have really retained their colour well). 

And of course a walk round town would be uncomfortable in anything other than flats, which is where my trusty TOMS come in to play. 
Shoes: TOMS from Office (£16 in the sale!!) 
I love the print on these, it's so colourful and I guess quite Aztec-y. 

Face and hair brought to you by me (duh)! 
Seriously though I used my new BY TERRY kohl in Bronze Generation, a slick of Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie in Hypnotist, and that's it. Throw my hair up in a bun and it's time to go! 

Check back later for an update on our shopping trip :-).

Much love 
AJ xx

Let's talk about Love...

In case you hadn't noticed my blog is called LOVE and Other Awesome Stuff- so where's all the love??
I will admit, I think the world and its Grumpy Cat is chatting about love at the moment, what with it being Valentine's and all, so I tried to avoid the subject for as long as possible. But yeah a blog which literally states it's about Love in the title, couldn't very well ignore the theme forever!
Now I could have gone down the 50 Shades route but I refuse to give that "domestic abuse story trussed up as erotica" bullshit any time of day. I could have done a post about loving yourself, but I've already read some brilliant ones- like this one from Hannah at Granite City Girl- and I wouldn't want to be putting up posts that were just rehashing someone else's work, and I could have done one on how Valentine's is just a commercial holiday, made by the chocolate companies...blah, blah, blah, but I didn't, because to me it will always be so much more important than that. You see Valentine's Day will forever be the day I had the best bread and butter pudding EVER!!

Oh yeah and it was also my first official date with Damian! :-p

So I have decided to do something a little different, something that no matter how many people do something similar, can never be replicated...welcome to our LOVE STORY! (Stay with me it will be more funny than schmaltzy I promise!!).

because who doesn't love a bit of T.Swift!

  • 27th October 2012- We met! He told me he was my perfect man. I laughed, my boyfriend scowled! 
  • October to November 2012- I friend-zoned him HARD, despite the fact I'd since dumped the aforementioned boyfriend...this girl just wanted to be single for a while!
  • 30th November 2012- Our first kiss- more like a drunken game of chicken! "You bottled it", "No YOU bottled it", "Shut up!!" - how romantic, haha!!
  • November to January 2013- Back to the friend-zone you go Damian! 
  • January 13th 2013- Our first non-date date. This was NOT a date, this was two friends catching a movie, pretty much every day until...
  • February 2013- The Talk, The ultimatum, call it what you will- It was a real date or nothing from here on out! What's a girl to do? Stick to her single pringle guns and perhaps turn her back on love? Or throw the guy a bone and give him a proper date? 
  • February 14th 2013- Our First Date/The day I discovered the best Bread & Butter Pudding ever!

  • Still not official- I don't want to get hurt again...but he is lovely!
  • So let's just date a lot! 

  • March 15th 2013- Would you risk it for a biscuit or be safer with a wafer? It's crunch time- one month of awesome dates, chaste kisses goodnight, and long chats has come down to this...biscuit or wafer?

  • March to May 2013- This isn't so bad!! Then all of a sudden I get a job and move out of town! We aren't seeing each other as much, I'm always busy- can we survive?? Of course we can!
  • June 2013- Sometime in June the first L word slips out- him and then me. It may seem fast but "when you know, you know"!
  • June 13th 2013- You always remember the first time- we were given a lifelong reminder in the blessing of Baby Pip, although we wouldn't find out for quite a while. 
  • July 4th/5th 2013- The proposal. Well, the 7th actually but this one got the yes! "ask me when we're sober", "are you sober yet?", "no", "what about now?" "YES"!!
  • August 12th 2013- Our world turns upside down! "I'm sorry but it appears you have miscarried."- that's it, that's all my doctor said. No offer of support, no warning of the pain (both physical and mental) to come! Just "no more baby". 
  • August-September 2013- It could have torn us apart, but I'm proud to say that whilst we were broken-hearted (and still are) we pulled together and became even stronger as a couple. 

  • October to December 2013- Wedding planning madness! This venue, that cake, this wedding fair, that dress...
  • December 2013- London Baby! Christmas shopping in London, best weekend away so far. 

  • December 25th 2013- Our first Christmas! Jacob and Damian decide to wake me just after 8am by literally bouncing on my bed, screaming "It's Christmas" over and over, and then blaring music outside the bedroom door until I woke up! At least I'm prepared for when our kids do it :-/. 
  • January to May 2014- How do you put up with me? Uni work (final year) causes mood swings, never having free time, and random requests to help organise my dissertation research. My future husband is a saint, and I can be a bitch when stressed! 
  • May 2014- £6,000 for a venue? "Do we really want to spend that much money on JUST the venue?", "NO, let's bugger off and do it abroad!".Dominican booked for August...no going back now. 
  • June to July 2014- Last minute wedding prep. WHY DIDN'T WE JUST GO TO THE REGISTRAR??
  • August 2014- "Ah bliss a holiday!", "Oh God it's hot" "I love our life".
  • August 8th 2014- "Oh crap we have to get married today!" "Sweet Jesus have you ever tried wearing a wedding dress in 35 degree heat?" "YO OS DECLARO MARIDO Y MUJER" or for those of you who like us only speak English- "I now pronounce you husband and wife!"

Now what do two people do right after they get married in the Dominican Republic?? Get dressed up and celebrate of course!!

  • August 9th 2014- First romantic meal as a married couple! Steak and Lobster dinner courtesy of the hotel. The lady had chicken and champagne, the good sire had everything going. Funny story it rained very heavily for about 5 minutes after we arrived at the poolside dinner area...the waiters quickly rushed about trying to cover us from the rain. In the meantime I was given a tablecloth to protect me from the wetness...Damian was left to get wet! Poor thing was soaking by the time the rain stopped. 

  • August to September 2014- Down to earth! Back to reality, back to a new job which saw me being swept away to Glasgow for two weeks training. What a start to married life!
  • September 6th 2014- The hometown reception. More stressful than the actual wedding by far! Last minute balloon pick-ups, "Oh my God my dress doesn't fit anymore!!!", I have to say hi to everybody, over and over again. Did I just toss the bouquet so high it hit the ceiling?? Don't fight over it because you DON'T want to catch it!! Has my big sister really just gotten so drunk on wine she's now just crying and accosting all our guests in the food room? Who the hell ate all the Percy Pigs from the sweetie table? "Thanks for coming, thanks for coming, thanks for coming!" Thank God that's over can we go sing karaoke in town now???
  • September to November 2014- This being married thing is a piece of piss! 
  • November 8th 2015- Our first official home together. Ooh look at the mirrored wardrobes! That hall closet is pretty big huh? "Amanda look how awesome this kitchen is!" "Yes Dear!" "Now how can I redecorate without marking any of the walls???". 
  • December 25th 2014- Christmas at the Wathern's. Friends, food and a fabulous Christmas tree...if the rest of our life is like this I'll be pretty happy. 

  • December to February 2015- Settled into married life at number 74C. It's pretty nice. 
  • February 14th 2015- Two years to the day of our first official date and what romantic things did we do for each other? Well, I got a t-shirt that I love, he got an X-box game which he has played all day, and I went to work!! And do you know what it was still lovely. 
  • February onwards 2015- To love each other more and more every day, and maybe, hopefully, get cracking on expanding our family.. (Okay, sorry that bit was schmaltzy).

Wow I can't actually believe I remember all this stuff, but once I sat down to right there was no stopping me! Hope you liked it. As always comments are wanted and appreciated, especially if you're writing to tell me about places that sell amazing Bread &Butter pudding!!

Much Love

My Little Box: February Edition *SPOILERS*.

Hi guys,

Words can not express how much I love My Little Box. I'm only on my second box ever but I'm pleasantly surprised, yet again, by just how high the quality of the products is. So without further ado lets have a look inside...
The theme this month is "Frenchie" and the box is a collaboration with the wondeful Ines de la Fressange (click on her name to read all about her). 

 So what's in the box:

  • A cute and awesomely handy smartphone case
  • Your February copy of My Little World
  • A Message (or 28) in a Bottle
  • An invite for Londoners to attend an appointment at the BY TERRY counter in Harrods.
  • and, of course, the beauty bag!

This is too cute AND my iPhone 6 fits! I was a little worried my phone wouldn't fit but it does, however if you have anything bigger than the standard 6 I don't think it will. Of course, you could use it for your iPod instead. It also has a cute little pouch at the front for earphones, train tickets, business cards, or whatever takes your fancy. 

 I think quite literally this says "The Little Words of Ines" but I could be wrong. According to the box there are 28 little messages, all wrapped up like scrolls, for you to open whenever you need a little inspiration or just a pick me up after a bad day. I think this is such a cute and quirky gift and can't wait to open my first one. 

Now what's in the bag:
FOUR, yes you read that right FOUR beauty products as opposed to the usual three. They truly are spoiling us in February.
  • BY TERRY kohl in Bronze Generation
  • L'Oreal Brow Plumper
  • Complexion Corrector by My Little Beauty 
  • and 100 Blotting Papers by DHC
 Oh, did I not mention that these are all FULL-SIZE products? No samples to be seen!

 I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that Kohl is my essential make-up item, even when I'm not in the mood to wear make-up, don't have time or just want to make myself look more awake, I reach for the eyeliner. Usually, I wear Dior but I'm loving the hint of a sparkle in this BY TERRY version so can't wait to give it a whirl. 

I've never even considered using product on my brows before because I've always been cursed with these big bushy caterpillars (thank you McCahery family genes). So yeah when I was younger I tried to avoid drawing attention to them. Now, however, big brows are in (Thank you Cara Delevigne) and I'll be giving this a shot to see if I can't tidy them up and give them some oomph!

This complexion corrector seems like it could be a godsend in this horrible weather. In the cold I am left with red patches all over my face, in seemingly random places. I'm hoping this evens me out, and it has a peach tint so I'll at least look fruity ;-). 

Now I admit I probably won't use these because I am cursed with extra dry skin, and avoid oily products for this reason. But I am sure if you were prone to oily skin then these would be a great product for mattifying you throughout the day. 

Pretty great haul don't you think. The only problem I am seeing with My Little Box is that I can't wait for the next one (I'm very impatient!). If you were on the fence about signing up before, then I suggest you do it now before you miss anything else cute and awesome! 

What do you think of February's box? Have you received yours, and do you like it as much as I do? Leave me a comment below and let me know. 

Much Love

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