Goodbye my Friend

Monday, January 05, 2015

Tomorrow I will say a sad goodbye to one of my oldest friends, and one of this blogs avid readers. 
It felt only fitting that I dedicate a post to the memory of this dear lady.

Karyn Devalle you were one of the loudest, chattiest,  most glamourous, and friendliest women I have ever had the privilege to know. From our nights sat in Boogie Bar after hours, your fabulous "readers wives" long black gloves, the myriad of shoes and handbags you could never have too much of, your sultry black lipstick (which I am sure got absolutely everywhere), your powerhouse voice which made me give up ever singing "Walking in Memphis", at one of the many, many karaoke bars we found ourselves drawn to. My mind is full of memories of you. 

Now I know we didn't see each other enough, but the fact that we still chatted away at random times, and your almost constant praise for this blog (and the telling offs for not updating enough) made me feel like we would always be in each others lives in one way or another.

My heart breaks for Matthew. You two seemed so different but so right for each other at the same time, and though he never really said much it was clear for all to see that he was so deeply in love with the woman sat always at his side. 

I believe that you are now at peace and trying but failing to find enough space in heaven for all your books, and accessories and that is what makes me smile when I let my mind wander to thoughts of you. 

Rest in Peace my beautiful friend, and when I get to heaven I better hear "Hiya Dollface, wanna do some karaoke?" xxx

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