The We Love...Series #1

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hi guys!

So in the first of the new things to happen to the blog this year I would like to welcome you to our We Love...series.

It's as simple as it sounds really, each week I will do a round up of what I'm loving that week. But because one person can not make a "we" (note only one e, no dirty jokes from all the Scots out there) I will also be inviting someone I love to add in a couple of their own loves for the week :-). So without further ado...

This week: 

I LOVE...Total Divas and I'm not even ashamed! This is like reality TV on a whole other level. Wrestling, and pretty people and bitchiness it's amazing. Seriously if you haven't already you should totally check it out.

I LOVE...Becky Bedbug! I'm so in awe of this girl. I recently went on a "I need new blogs to read" mission and Becky Bedbug was one that stood out. You should pop over and have a look at her blog...and if you only read one series make sure it's "Things Fat People Shouldn't Do" it is laugh out loud, piss your pants funny! This girl has definitely rocketed to the the top of my list. 

I LOVE...the fact I get to travel across Scotland everyday as part of my job. Seriously Scotland has some of the most amazing countryside ever and it is so easily viewed out of the window of a train. This week I especially loved seeing the hills and mountains near Falkirk covered in beautiful. 

HE LOVES...The Royal Rumble, or wrestling in general from the past week. Despite being very annoyed with the result (along with the rest of the wrestling world!) he had a great time watching it, and cheering like the big kid he really is when all the fighters he guessed came out to the ring. The smile on his face throughout was the cutest :-).

HE LOVES...physiotherapy! This one shocked me but Damian has been having trouble with his back for months now, and hasn't been able to work because of it (thank God for Partnership sick pay)! I know it really gets to him sometimes and now I know he's really happy that he's finally on the road to getting something done about it! 

And finally...

WE LOVE...being able to experience all this stuff together. I swear I know it sounds corny but all weekend we just spent time together, laughing, drinking and watching fun stuff and it was AWESOME! 

Well that's it for our first instalment of We Love...I hope you liked it, and please hit me up and let me know what you've loved this past week. :-). 

Much Love 
AJ xx


  1. This is the cutest idea ever! I also love Becky Bedbug, such a good blog! Never heard of Total Divas but it sounds hilarious!

    Hazel xx

  2. Aw thank you! She is my blog crush at the mo no doubt about it 😂. Total Divas is so good imagine if the Kardashians started throwing people around and having career threatening injuries ALL THE TIME and you're there lol. Xx