The We Love...Series #1

Hi guys!

So in the first of the new things to happen to the blog this year I would like to welcome you to our We Love...series.

It's as simple as it sounds really, each week I will do a round up of what I'm loving that week. But because one person can not make a "we" (note only one e, no dirty jokes from all the Scots out there) I will also be inviting someone I love to add in a couple of their own loves for the week :-). So without further ado...

This week: 

I LOVE...Total Divas and I'm not even ashamed! This is like reality TV on a whole other level. Wrestling, and pretty people and bitchiness it's amazing. Seriously if you haven't already you should totally check it out.

I LOVE...Becky Bedbug! I'm so in awe of this girl. I recently went on a "I need new blogs to read" mission and Becky Bedbug was one that stood out. You should pop over and have a look at her blog...and if you only read one series make sure it's "Things Fat People Shouldn't Do" it is laugh out loud, piss your pants funny! This girl has definitely rocketed to the the top of my list. 

I LOVE...the fact I get to travel across Scotland everyday as part of my job. Seriously Scotland has some of the most amazing countryside ever and it is so easily viewed out of the window of a train. This week I especially loved seeing the hills and mountains near Falkirk covered in beautiful. 

HE LOVES...The Royal Rumble, or wrestling in general from the past week. Despite being very annoyed with the result (along with the rest of the wrestling world!) he had a great time watching it, and cheering like the big kid he really is when all the fighters he guessed came out to the ring. The smile on his face throughout was the cutest :-).

HE LOVES...physiotherapy! This one shocked me but Damian has been having trouble with his back for months now, and hasn't been able to work because of it (thank God for Partnership sick pay)! I know it really gets to him sometimes and now I know he's really happy that he's finally on the road to getting something done about it! 

And finally...

WE LOVE...being able to experience all this stuff together. I swear I know it sounds corny but all weekend we just spent time together, laughing, drinking and watching fun stuff and it was AWESOME! 

Well that's it for our first instalment of We Love...I hope you liked it, and please hit me up and let me know what you've loved this past week. :-). 

Much Love 
AJ xx

2015 is GO 2

Hi guys!

Well by now you will have (hopefully) read that I have great plans for the blog going forward into 2015, but what about my plans for me?? You'll be happy to know that I have A LOT of plans for me personally this year, all of which I will share with you, so you can experience the struggles, pain and fun right alongside me :-).

My first plan for this year is of course to BLOG, BLOG, BLOG!! I love blogging, hell I love blogs in general. And I started this blog almost a year ago and it was fun but shit happens, and live happens and I let it slide...this year is the year of Love and Other Awesome Stuff. 

Something that almost goes side by side with working on the blog more is the fact that I am writing my first novel! Oh God it's so scary writing that because it kind of makes it more real. Anybody that knows me knows that I read and read and read like my life depends on it. Someone mentioned, on one of my favourite blogs, that their plan was to read 50 books this year and that made me wonder how much I read each year. Turns out I have read 27 books since September!!! That seems so much when I write it out but when I'm reading I get so engrossed I just devour books like they were snacks. Anyway so yeah I read a lot and that has only made me want to write more and more, so I started my first novel and I am so proud of my ideas, I think they are fresh and unique and so much fun. So wish me luck getting this behemoth of a task completed. 

The other mission for this year that ties into the blog is my mission to take more photos. I have a great life, I know some days I feel crappy and I feel that I'm not where I should be by this age (don't ask, just know that i'm older than I look) but I really do appreciate the things I have. It is this reason that I want to take photos, to document the fun times so I can look back when I'm old(er) and really remember the good times. My job takes me across Scotland everyday and I see some beautiful views it would be cruel not to take photos and share that. Me and my husband do silly things, and take the piss out of each other, and have great experiences...I would cry if I didn't have the photos to remind me of the fun in our relationship, and I have amazing friends and I am glad I have photos of them so when I'm grey and senile and don't remember their names I will always remember their faces and the smiles. 

These are just some of my favourite photos, with just some of my favourite people!

Now of course there are plans of mine for 2015 that don't directly involve the blog, or writing, but I promise I will still share my endeavours of these things with you all:

Ok so this is going to sound really weird to those of you who are aware of the fact that I graduated in June with a BA(Hons) in Public Relations but here goes...I want to be a teacher! Now this isn't a completely new thing for me I always said when I'd done PR for a few years then I would look to teaching but recently I've felt like I wasn't really where I wanted to be career-wise and that is because I want to teach! I'm ready now so why wait! Of course because nothing is ever simple in Amanda world there are some stumbling blocks the first of which is that I don't actually have any highers (A levels for our non-Scottish readers). I know it seems strange that that would matter seeing as I have a degree but it turns out that having higher English is an entry requirement to do my PGDE so I'm looking into going back to college to get my higher...stay tuned to see how that goes!
And because I am a strange creature that feels lost when I don't have something to learn, I have also enrolled in a 9 week Marketing course with the West College Scotland-just for fun! Yeah you're right I am weird :-/. 

So the next couple of things in my plan for this year are about things, material things, things I spend all my money on and things that have really changed in the last couple of years. Confession time: I am a bit of a hoarder, I love clothes, I love shoes, I love stationery, and I love cute little things like home furnishings. We moved into our new home in November and I'll be honest it's a bloody decent sized flat but it is literally full to bursting with stuff! It's a constant battle to get it looking the way I want it (somewhere between show home and real home) but this year will be the year I achieve that goal. 
The first step is to streamline my closet...this is what it currently looks like:
Okay so this is only one section of it but it turns out I haven't taken a full closet photo, but I think this shows just how full this small part is...the rest is worse! AND I still have two suitcases full of clothes to be unpacked. 
So yeah the plan is to be brutal and streamline my closet, because as it turns out, nobody needs 20 jumpers, 54 t-shirts/tops, 19 skirts and 27 vest tops! So the local charity shop is going to need to clear some space for the haul they are getting from me. 
I've actually got a blog post planned for how I streamlined my closet and how I organise it afterwards. 
The other hoarder part of my plans is actually the complete opposite of downsizing...I have made it my mission to fill our home with more decor, more trinkets, and more cute little furnishings...I don't think this is going to be too difficult. I can't even scroll through Facebook without pointing out vintage plaques, and boxes and general crap that we don't need, but we are sure as hell gonna get.
Without giving too much away from another future post here is a wee glimpse at some of the things we already have: 

Wow this has been looooooooong lol. I promise I'm almost finished!

Finally I plan to take better care of it my dry, prone to caking and flaking skin, my teeth (which I totally neglected as a child) or my weight I will take them all on and see if it's not too late to make them better. 
My weight is probably the biggest issue to tackle. I've always had issues with my weight, I've always thought I was bigger than I was. Lets pretend that I've not worn a size 6-10 since I was 17...if you asked me I would have said I was more like a 20! I know it's silly but it's just one of my things, or should I say WAS one of my things. I am at an age now where I don't really care what others think of my size, or my body, I just care that I am comfortable with it. Today I was made to feel really uncomfortable with it by one of those stupid weight machines in Boots. This stupid weight machine told me I was overweight and that scared me because all I want to be is normal weight so we have the best chance of conceiving again. So I am going to get back to that normal weight range THE HEALTHY WAY! Wish me luck. Disclaimer this is what Boots are calling overweight, just in case you were wondering: 
Seriously where is my butt???

Anyway thanks for sticking with me through this unintentionally long post. I hope you are as excited as I am about 2015, and please feel free to pop in and check on my progress anytime. 
Don't forget to follow me on Twitter at either ajdoesbest or LoveandOAS, and remember I always love hearing from you or chatting to you about anything so leave a comment or tweet me or whatever :-).

Much Love
AJ xx

2015 is GO!

Hi guys,

I'd just like to take the time to say hi to all our new readers, and a big thank you to all my continued readers who have stuck by me and the blog in the past few months.
I think the blog has lost some focus in recent posts but finally I am in the right state of mind to really give it the attention it and you deserve. 
I have taken the time to really look at the blogs I love and it has really helped me realise what I want my blog to contain and it is with that in mind I am going forward into 2015. 

So I have loads of plans for the blog this year and I can't wait to get started! First of all I have finally bitten the bullet and subscribed to a beauty box. Now there are loads of these on the market but I fell in love with the idea of My Little Box, so I have signed up and can't wait for my first box to arrive so I can get sharing, and trying out all the new products. 

I also going to make a concerted effort to take more photos! Right now I only have my iPhone camera so I am literally trawling the internet learning how to make iPhotos prettier and good enough for the blog. And I guess that will just have to do until I save up the money to get myself the banging DSLR I have my eye on :-). 

So I don't want to ramble on and on about the plans for the blog, when I can just get started and make the blog a better place for my thoughts, and for visitors. 

Stayed tuned folks and lets show 2015 what we are made of!

Much Love 
AJ xx

Goodbye my Friend

Tomorrow I will say a sad goodbye to one of my oldest friends, and one of this blogs avid readers. 
It felt only fitting that I dedicate a post to the memory of this dear lady.

Karyn Devalle you were one of the loudest, chattiest,  most glamourous, and friendliest women I have ever had the privilege to know. From our nights sat in Boogie Bar after hours, your fabulous "readers wives" long black gloves, the myriad of shoes and handbags you could never have too much of, your sultry black lipstick (which I am sure got absolutely everywhere), your powerhouse voice which made me give up ever singing "Walking in Memphis", at one of the many, many karaoke bars we found ourselves drawn to. My mind is full of memories of you. 

Now I know we didn't see each other enough, but the fact that we still chatted away at random times, and your almost constant praise for this blog (and the telling offs for not updating enough) made me feel like we would always be in each others lives in one way or another.

My heart breaks for Matthew. You two seemed so different but so right for each other at the same time, and though he never really said much it was clear for all to see that he was so deeply in love with the woman sat always at his side. 

I believe that you are now at peace and trying but failing to find enough space in heaven for all your books, and accessories and that is what makes me smile when I let my mind wander to thoughts of you. 

Rest in Peace my beautiful friend, and when I get to heaven I better hear "Hiya Dollface, wanna do some karaoke?" xxx

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