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Friday, December 12, 2014

Well well well doesn't our little blog look different?? I personally think it looks prettier and cleaner and a little more modern, and I hope you all agree.
I figured seeing as the blog was all new, and it was almost the new year, and the fact that it's been a while since I've found the time to post, I would do a bumper edition of the Things About Me blog post we all know and love, so welcome to 100 Things You May or May Not Know about Amanda-Jaied Wathern!

1) I am obsessed with Disney Movies (animated mostly but I do have a soft spot for some of the live action stuff).
2) My all time favourite book is Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte.
3) My all time second favourite book is To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.
4) I don't actually like food! I mean of course I eat it because I need to but if I didn't have to I wouldn't miss it.
5) My favourite colour is purple, followed closely by blue. 
6) My favourite person in the world is my husband Damian. 
7) Up until 2 years ago I owned one pair of flat shoes...now I own 8 (if we include the 2 pairs of trainers).
8) The best book I've read this year is Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.
9) I am in love with Ed Sheeran.
10) I've had 6 piercings over the course of my life...I now have none. 
11) I love, love, love Vogue magazine...just wish the US Edition didn't cost so much to get over here.
12) I smashed my iphone 6 TWICE within 15 days of having it! 
13) I have genuine hatred for Lady Gaga and everything she represents.
14) I believe in God.
15) I married and atheist.
16)I support Liverpool FC.
17) I married a Manchester United fan!
18) My parents are genuinely the best parents in the world. 
19) My favourite Disney film ever is Sleeping Beauty.
20) My favourite modern Disney film is Tangled.
21) I am obsessed with Bottled Treasure necklaces.
22) My dream holiday destination is the Maldives.
23) I would give my right arm to go to New York next year. 
24) I am trying to teach myself Italian. 
25) I taught myself German in primary 6 (when I was 10 for those who don't or didn't attend school in Scotland). 
26) I am currently re-reading the House of Night series of books by P.C & Kristin Cast.
27) Despite being 27 years old...I am still afraid of the dark. 
28) I love Daisies.
29) I would probably be a stone lighter if it wasn't for Cadbury Roses Strawberry Dream chocolates. 
30) My husband thinks I am addicted to Dr Pepper...in reality it is simply a love stronger than any known to man. 
31) My last meal (if I was on Death Row or similar) would be a Roast Beef dinner, with steak cut chips, yorkshire puddings, bisto gravy and bread and butter. No veg. 
32) I hate snow...unless i'm inside and watching it fall then I think its pretty and I love it. 
33) I think the greatest app ever invented was Instagram. 
34) I love shoes by Melissa...her Vivienne Westwood and Jason Wu collaborations are beautiful. 
35) I have an almost constant headache, which is just one loud noise or bright light away from developing into a full blown migraine. 
36) I have taken so much medication in the last two years that I should rattle when you shake me. 
37) I am terrified of the child snatcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
38) My favourite movie growing up was the Wizard of Oz. 
39) I love shopping in London.
40) I am mother to an Angel baby who sadly left us in August 2013.
41) I love anything Angel or Fairy related.
42) My taste in music is actually truly eclectic. 
43) I don't eat Pizza
44) I spend way to much time reading articles on Cracked
45) I am happiest when I have a glass of wine, and a book in my hands, and my husband in my eye line.
46) I once spent an entire day at work singing Thinking out Loud by Ed Sheeran.
47) I think Mandy Moore is underrated. 
48) I ALWAYS prefer the book to the movie.
49) My pet hate is when people constantly whine about their mediocre problems...AT LEAST YOU ARE ALIVE!!
50) I still sometimes moan about MY mediocre problems! 
51) My hair is over 27inches long.
52) I am actually a natural blonde...my hair just doesn't remember.
53) The first book I really remember reading was called So We're Going to Have a Baby...it was educational to say the least.
54) My husband waited until we were almost married to tell me that twins run in his family.
55) I am therefore genuinely terrified of giving birth to twins.
56) I want to name one of my children Briar after Sleeping Beauty.
57) I think Shonda Rhimes is a genius...Grey's Anatomy is one of my favourite shows ever.
58) I am what they call a hoarder...mostly stationery but other things too.
59) My best friend in the world lives too far away, and I miss her daily. 
60) I despise our downstairs neighbours and their crappy, crappy music.
61) I really, really want an AGA despite the fact that I don't cook. 
62) My first crush was Patrick Swayze, and I love him to this day. R.I.P. 
63) I got married on a beach in the Dominican Republic, and Disney's Beauty and the Beast played while I walked down the aisle.
64) I love to sing karaoke. 
65) I collect anything Turtle related...soft toys, bracelet charms, necklaces, figurines, prints, the list goes on.
66) I HATE tinsel, way more than is natural.
67) I don't drink tea, coffee, or hot chocolate...I'm sure my best friend thinks this makes me weird.
68) I graduated university this year with an honours degree in Public Relations
69) I have always wanted to be a writer when I grow up. 
70) The thing I complain about most is the cost of living in Aberdeen City.
71) I won a Nationwide spelling test when I was 9 years old...I had the spelling age of someone aged 12years 3 months...I went out on the word Chocolate, spelling it Choclate!
72) I am very good at remembering useless information...making me an excellent Pub Quiz team member.
73) I travel across Scotland  almost  every day as part of my job.
74) I have horrendous claustrophobia and sometimes have panic attacks in elevators. 
75) My guilty pleasure is that I adore Kim Kardashian (and most of the Kardashian/Jenner family).
76) I read a lot of Young Adult fiction, because despite what some might say it is bloody brilliant. 
77) I think Penguins are adorable...and I've been known to call them "Pengins".
78) I only believe that the Christmas season has arrived when I hear "All I Want for Christmas" by Mariah Carey.
79) My favourite Christmas movie is ELF!
80) I grind my teeth and have full conversations with Damian...while I sleep.
81) I can't swim.
82) I love Ice Skating but I have been too scared to get on the ice since a bad fall at age 12.
83) I nearly made my husband cry by singing Hallelujah... I am assured they were good tears. I DID make my parents tear up the first time I let them hear me sing.
84) I am fiercely loyal but if you cross me I'll cut you out of my life faster than you can even begin to apologise. 
85) According to my husband I have a worryingly deep crush on both David Beckham and Miranda Kerr...he also believes I would leave him in a heartbeat for either of them. (He is not wrong about the first part).
86) If I wrote an autobiography I would name it: WTF Just Happened?
87) I hate when people share posts of quotes and then misattribute them to celebrities. Sidebar: Audrey Hepburn did not say that thing about loving pink!!
88) I understand Cricket way more than I care to admit. 
89) I would want Helena Bonham Carter to play me in the movie of my life. 
90) My ideal dinner party guests would be: Victoria and David Beckham, Elizabeth Taylor, JFK, Maya Angelou, Anna Wintour and Jesus.
91) I also hate the Galaxy chocolate advert where they use Audrey Hepburn to advertise chocolate! The woman suffered starvation in her youth and was left permanently underweight because of it but yeah let's use her to tout chocolate!!!
92) I have a Tiffany blue monogrammed phone cover.
93) I truly believe that I will be happy as long as I have people in my life that can make me smile. 
94) I do suffer from depression but have a great support network. 
95) I currently own 58 notebooks.
96) I am very picky about my wine and have been known to utter the following line in a bar "Do you have a White Zinfandel? Oh good...is it a Californian? No? Okay I'll just have beer thanks!" 
97) Myleene Klass got her nose pierced exactly one week after complementing me on my nose ring...not saying I influenced an (at the time) famous pop star, but...
98) I will be hugely surprised if anybody has made it this far. If you have, "Hiya, and huge thanks for reading!"
99) If I could be given any present for Christmas it would be a Chanel handbag. 
100) I am a total sap and literally cry at everything. Adverts, TV Shows, sad stories, pregnancy announcements, the list is endless. 

Wow that took ages!! Why not share some facts about yourself. Or if you have your own blog take up the 100 facts challenge and see just how hard it is!

Much Love 
AJ xx


  1. Amanda I literally read all of this! I may write my own!

  2. Aw well first thanks!! And secondly you totally should, it's hard but so much fun :/) xx

  3. 58 Notebooks??? O h my!!!! BTW - Lovely blog - I have followed and will be reading lots more x

    1. Thank you so much, that's so nice to read!. And yeah I'm mostly just laugh-crying at 58 now because I'm pretty sure I've bought at least 3 more since I wrote this!! x

  4. Oh my gosh, how the freak did you manage 100! haha I am inspired to do a part 2 to my 25 now... :P
    #100 - totally me. Like seriously, I cry at least once a day at so many things. My family make fun of me for it haha.
    And I love Helena Bonham Carter!