Just a moan

Sunday, August 24, 2014

I want to go back to the Dominican!!! Not because it was relaxing, not because it was hot, not even because it's where we said "I Do", but honestly just because it is the last place I got a decent night sleep!

I'm an insomniac, we all know that, but by God was our bed on holiday not just the best cure?! I don't think I struggled to sleep at all while we were away (not even the night before our ceremony)! 
However since getting home I've been stuck wide awake until all hours of the morning, while the hubby sleeps peacefully-I was going to say soundly but by God the noise that man makes 😜-beside me. 

So yeah I wanna go back, I would also quite like the hearing in my right ear back...but that's a whole other story 😣 


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